Tampa Heat - Book Review

Tampa Heat

Author: Ray Spengler
Genre: Fiction - General
Date Published: April 1, 2014
ISBN-13: 978-1-31210732-8

Book Review of :  Tampa Heat

tampa-heat.jpg Tampa Heat by Ray Spengler is a mystery that takes place in balmy Tampa, Florida. The story revolves around some bad relationships including a Psychiatrist, Ben, that has major issues of his own; mainly a libido that just isn't what it used to be for his wife, Anne of 20 years. He loves her, but suddenly his trust for her wanes when he begins to suspect that she is having an affair. Tampa Heat has some other interesting characters, a beautiful sexy woman who needs a place to live and begins to like her older landlord just a bit too much. There is more than romance in the novel; there is also a bit of gritty crime sprinkled through it. For example, a finger without the rest of the body shows up to make a point, and then it gets even grittier. It is a novel about people who are searching for love in almost all the wrong places. It is a story about passion and struggling to keep relationsips platonic, which proves far more difficult than expected. I liked the novel; it had a nice flow to it with an array of very interesting characters. It is one of those books however, where you want to punch a couple of its characters right in the nose, because they do the dumbest things. They are simply doing what real people do when they let their libido influence their thinking. Tampa Heat is a great read for a hot summer night!!

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