The Avocadonine and Spring Stone - Book Review

The Avocadonine and Spring Stone

Author: Patrick Barnes
Genre: Young Adult - General
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 1507736371
ISBN-13: 978-1507736371

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Book Review of :  The Avocadonine and Spring Stone

the-avocadonine-and-spring-stone.jpg The Avocadonine and Spring Stone by Patrick Barnes is the story of Rey Naresh as he enters ninth grade at Pemota High School. Ninth grade can prove to be new experiences for young teens--no different for Rey. He arrives at school, and like the past years just really doesn't fit in. He tries, but the sync with the other boys his age eludes him. Rey really only craves acceptance from one fellow classmate--Christy Lane. Rey has wanted her to notice him since fourth grade. The school bully Huxley is a menace to Rey, but turns out to be the one to give Rey courage to talk to Christy. Not only does Rey have to contend with trying to adjust and get by in ninth grade, but there are strange happenings at his high school. There are chemical issues with the drinking water and a soft drink. Rey drinks Looza Avocado juice and it seems to be the one thing that keeps him from the mind control that the drinking water seems to have on the other students. Rey and Christy begin their quest to expose the corrupt and evil going on at Pemota. The Avocadites - can they and a prominent citizen be exposed and kept from total mind control? Patrick Barnes did a great job in capturing young teens and the things going on in their lives and the way they handle those things. The Avocadonine is an easy, enjoyable read. You will enjoy the teenagers and their different personalities and roles.

About Patrick Barnes

barnes-patrick.jpg Patrick Barnes has a Bachelors with Individual Concentration in Film and Writing and a Masters in Library Science.  The Avocadonine and Spring Stone is his first self-published book.


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