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news-girls-don-t-cry.jpg Melissa McCarty tells her story in a very real and vivid way. There is no mistake that Melissa perservered through a very tough life to rise to the top of her profession. Through the book you see exactly where she has been, where she wants to be and how she got there. Melissa grew up in a tough neighbor. There was no sugar coating the strifes and hardships she went through with her family. Her brother fell into the drug and alcohol world that Melissa pulled herself out of. At times it was hard to believe she would overcome the obstacles that were between her and success. Melissa certainly is a focused, determined young lady. Her relationship with her brother-dysfunctional as it was-kept her pointing in the direction of success and not back to where she had come from. Melissa started at the bottom--took her hard knocks both personally and professionally--and soared to the top.

About Melissa McCarty

mccarty-melissa.jpg Melissa McCarty is an award winning journalist who's been reporting on the front lines of major tragedy's, severe weather, fires to highlighting daily hero's for more than 13 years now. She's lived in or traveled thru almost every state across the country. Melissa has now transitioned out of local news and into a global forum hosting shows on the Internet thru ORA TV (owned by Larry King and Carlos Slim) along with TV and film appearances. She's a motivational and industry speaker with strong platforms in addiction and mental illness. She's gone from writing poetry to broadcast-news and now books. She's most proud of her strong family who motivate her each day.


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