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Contract City

Author: Mark Falkin
Genre: Fiction - Science Fiction
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 1610881443
ISBN-13: 9781610881449


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Book Review of :  Contract City

contract-city.jpg Contract City by Mark Falkin is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2021. Sara P Chrisite is a young girl living in Tulsa (a privitized city) with aspirations to move to LA and attend film school. Her camera is with her at all times-ready to shoot anything that might aid Sara in attaining her dreams. There is a tag - WH2RR?? popping up everywhere in Tulsa and has Sara intrigued. She decides to try and catch the culprits who are labeling buildings, signs etc with WH2RR??. Imagine solving this mystery and creating a documentary about WH2RR?? WH2RR?? has not only caught Sara's attention, but also that of the FreeForce Tulsa (private security personnel). The FFT do not want any signs of this tag anywhere in Tulsa and also do not want any pictures or film footage to exist. Therein lies the adventure for Sara--she has both. Sara becomes paramount in the FFT's search for footage of the tags. Sara's father is a FFT investigator and has his own reasons for trying to solve the WH2RR?? mystery (which Sara has no idea why). Sara, her father and Billy (her boyfriend) all become entangled in this mystery. Does Sara, her father or other FFT agents catch the culprit painting WH2RR?? Contract City is futuristic, but so very close in parallel to things we can envision today. This book will keep you riveted to it from page one. A mystery yes, but so much more. You will love Sara and "root" for and admire her throughout the book. You will enjoy Contract City!!!!!

About Mark Falkin

falkin-mark.jpg Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Mark Falkin graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and then the University of Oklahoma College of Law. He has lived in Texas for the last twenty years, where he is a literary agent and recovering music attorney.

His 2006 self-published novel, Days of Grace, was optioned for a film and nominated for a literary award, The Needle Award, at POD-dy Mouth blog, where the reviewer said, "This is literature at its best . . . Falkin could easily be likened to the aforementioned Lethem or to Augusten Burroughs or even J.D. Salinger," and Bookpeople in Austin noted, "Here's more proof that Austin is home to some of the best new writers around . . . Falkin's novel is reminiscent of the writing style found in Lethem, Sedaris, Coupland, and Kerouac, with his sharp wit and journalistic style."

Working on his next book, he lives with his wife and family in Austin, where he reads, coaches recreational soccer, tries to find time to paddle Texas waters, and keeps a sharp eye on his young daughters, snatching hugs here and there.

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