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lusty-little-women.jpg Lusty Little Women by Margaret Pearl is the story of Jo, Meg and Beth as older young women. With that being said, the "girls" have grown both in age and personalities. This is not the Little Women you read about with Alcott. They are adventurous, passionate and interesting. Pearl does a great job keeping the familiarity we had with the girls in Alcott's with the women in her book. Each of these young women become entangled in relationships that open their world up. Jo, Meg and Beth step out into the world and embrace it. The reader will experience through them the love, lust and sex that goes with their new relationships. Are these young women able to decipher love from lust - will each of them know courtships from true love. Pearl has taken Jo, Meg and Beth and brought them to us as impressional young women striving to find their way and live life to the fullest.

About Margaret Pearl

Margaret Pearl is an avid reader of classics and a hope- less romantic who loves nothing more than traveling the world in search of scrumptious wines and cheeses. She studied writing at New York University and lives in New York City with her husband and their two cats, a skinny tabby and a fat black and white. Lusty Little Women is her first novel. Find her at and on Twitter at @MPearlBooks.

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