Woman in Red: Magdalene Speaks - Book Review

Woman in Red: Magdalene Speaks

Author: Krishna Rose
Genre: Fiction - Historical
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Date Published: February 2, 2020
ISBN-10: 1684334292
ISBN-13: 9781684334292

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Book Review of :  Woman in Red: Magdalene Speaks


Krishna Rose’s Woman in Red - Magdalene Speaks is a well-researched and believable work of fiction that will challenge believers and atheists with an equally rich interpretive of gospel, history, and culture of two thousand years ago. Wonderfully fresh and readable -  it reads with considerable intellectual force about one of the most influential symbols in the history of Christianity.
Rose’s main character is Mary Magdalene. Was she a harlot, Christ’s lover, did she bear children from her relationship? Those are just some of the questions that are woven into the fabric of Magdalene‘s saga.  An example of how Rose’s book deals with the question of Mary being a fallen woman is depicted in the following exchange:
“Tell me and I shall accept any fate God wills for me. There is no shame in matters of spirit, for I am innocent.”
“Your name will be trademarked as a fallen woman—a sinner—a prostitute, redeemed by me,” he said quickly as if relieved to finally speak things which should never be spoken.
This is a beautifully told story that is vast in its breadth of history and the positive and negative mythology surrounding Mary Magdalene.  It starts with the gruesome horror of the crucifixion and methodically presents Mary Magdalene's life and time through her eyes, her experiences and in her voice. It takes the readers on a journey that delves into the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution of the followers of Christ. It puts forth and reveals many little known facts about the apostles and their lives.  Who was the apostle of the apostles was it Peter or was it really Mary Magdalene? What was the friction between the two and did Peter fear Mary? Was Peter jealous of the messiah’s love for Mary? Has history been manipulated to undermine and diminish this extraordinary woman’s legacy?
Clearly, Mary had a special place among the other disciples and they acknowledged that. Woman in Red - Magdalene Speaks is truly a treasure trove of wisdom and sparkles with its originality and beautifully written style.
Mary Magdalene's relationship has a lot to teach us about what love is and how to live a life of love.
Woman in Red - Magdalene Speaks brings her back to her rightful place as a devoted disciple of Jesus and offers a fascinating glimpse into the conflicts and controversies that shaped earliest Christianity. It brilliantly follows diverse biblical characters - peasants and nobility, civilians and soldiers—as they struggle with the problems unique to their era. Rose’s depiction makes them very human, and their stories become uniquely moving.
Krishna Rose’s masterful storytelling makes Woman in Red - Magdalene Speaks a must-read.

Reviewed by: Dave H

About Krishna Rose

After promoting famous musicians including Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne (and others), Krishna Rose left her busy life in London to discover her true calling--to unravel the truth of the mysteries surrounding history's most legendary and influential personalities. In her quest, she became aware of a highly protected, confidential story, and arising out of her investigation and discoveries--the idea for Woman in Red - Magdalene Speaks was born.

On a 25 year quest pursuing obscure texts and visiting archeological sites, like a miner searching for jewels, she unearthed, extracted and decoded indisputable evidence for what might be one of the most important breakthroughs in both our collective religious history, as well as our global spiritual understanding. Translating and piecing together simple truths, which are woven like fine threads of gold throughout her debut historical novel Woman in Red - Magdalene Speaks, the author throws light on the darkness of many untruths which have been glossed over for centuries.

Together with her husband and two daughters, she lives on a small farm surrounded by countryside, filling her days writing and creating music--sprinkling the world with her authentic femininity.

"My purpose of being an artist is to express my joys, my sorrows and my searching for answers - ultimately the age-old yearning for freedom."


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