Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering the Soul's Path to Healing - Book Review

Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering the Soul's Path to Healing

Author: Kimberly Meredith
Genre: Non Fiction - Health - Medical
Publisher: St. Martin's Essentials
Date Published: December 23, 2021
ISBN-10: 1250780225
ISBN-13: 9781250780225

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Book Review of :  Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering the Soul's Path to Healing


Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering the Soul’s Path to Healing by Kimberly Meredith is her guidebook for readers to enter into and experience the realm of the Fifth Dimension. Her methods include stories, exercises, prayers, affirmations, and other information to elevate your mind, body, and soul. 

Her book is a profound compendium of critical information on lifting oneself into the Fifth dimension of healing for both mind and body. Moreover, it is an extraordinarily well-written book that clearly explains her methods and the expected results.

Meredith speaks from experience in her gift of healing, spiritual escape, and elevating your 5D Consciousness. She has survived two near-death experiences, and from these trials, she developed her healing gifts. It was a true example of extracting good out of a bad situation. It was an awakening to her powers and the start of her journey of medical healing and personal growth. Doctors have vetted her work and healing acumen as to the veracity of her claims, with the results seen as productive and positive.

In one case, Dr. Norman Shealy tested her ability to affect an EEG from a distance and was astonished by what he saw. In another scientific evaluation of her abilities, Kimberly proved her healing acumen by reducing the inflammation and pain of a patient with severe knee problems without using medication or surgery. 

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., CEO of the International Institute of Holistic Medicine, lauds Kimberly as potentially one of the greatest healers and medical intuitives of our time. 

Meredith provides information on correcting your diet, which is critical in reaching and experiencing the Fifth Dimension level of life. In addition, the book includes recipes for many delicious sounding plates, such as a healthy ‘meatloaf, smoothies, soups, and more.

The book is uplifting, positive, and inspiring. Reading this book gives you many things to do to help.  

If you’re seeking a new way of moving beyond your status quo, you will find Meredith’s experiencing life through her portal of positivity a great way to effect the change. It would certainly be time to explore Awakening to the Fifth Dimension.

This book promises to expand your Consciousness and guide you through these challenging times of Covid-19 and the threat of a possible 3rd world war. 

Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering the Soul’s Path to Healing provides easy procedures for restoring your soul and spirit after illness or an emotionally traumatic event. It is a spiritual bible for everyone seeking the secrets to living longer, happier, more fulfilling, and healthier lives.

Reviewed by: James B

About Kimberly Meredith


Bestselling author KIMBERLY MEREDITH''S new book, AWAKENING TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION: DISCOVERING THE SOUL'S PATH TO HEALING (St. Martin's Press Essentials (US), Penguin Random House (audiobook), Hay House (UK)) is now a bestselling book on Amazon and available online and nationwide at Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, Books-A-Million, Bookshop, IndieBound, Powell's, and other fine literary retailers. Kimberly is a world-renowned medical medium, healer, and speaker. With her remarkable abilities, she has helped thousands of people and animals to improve from all manner of medical and emotional conditions by calling in the Divine and Christ Consciousness. Kimberly can also connect with those who have crossed over to bring messages to the living. Kimberly received her miraculous healing gifts from the Holy Spirit following two Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), during which she was blessed with an incredible encounter with God. Through her healing mediumship and blinking eyes, Kimberly can see into the body faster and more accurately than the fastest MRI and thermography machines, accurately detecting all manner of medical conditions. Kimberly also possesses the ability to emit healing Scalar energy "even through walls" as measured by Dr. Norm Shealy during scientific testing to validate Kimberly's abilities. She has also been tested by the PSYtek Subtle Energy Laboratory and at the famed IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded by Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Currently, Kimberly hosts the #1 rated radio program, The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show heard on KCAA and iHeartRadio. A favorite on the speaking and expo circuit, she will be featured at the upcoming Conscious Life Expo (Los Angeles, CA) and New Living Expo (San Mateo, CA). Kimberly has recently been a guest on Wake Up With Marci -WLNY CBS TV, The Donna Drake Show-Syndicated, Carlos & Lisa Show -Beond TV, Coast To Coast AM with George Noory, The Aware Show, Melissa Billie Clark Show, and more. She has also been featured in dozens of magazines including recent issues of Preferred Health Magazine, The Eden Magazine, The Edge Magazine, and Women Fitness. Kimberly Meredith offers many individually personalized services for adults, children, and animals both in person at her Los Angeles office and on Skype. For more information on Kimberly Meredith: Website: Instagram: @Meredith.Kimberly Press:

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