The Movie Star and Me - Book Review

The Movie Star and Me

Author: Kelly Durham
Genre: Fiction - General
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 1533582912
ISBN-13: 9781533582911

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Book Review of :  The Movie Star and Me

the-movie-star-and-me.jpg The Movie Star and Me by Kelly Durham opens on the movie set in 1941. Durham moves from there to 1945 in Japan with Lieutenant Russell. He immediately is drawn into battle and is injured. His stay at the front lines though brief, will prove to set in motion a movie, his involvement with Vera Vance and the secrets of the studio. Lt. Russell is in battle and his group has a photographer there to chronicle the events. The reporter gets caught in the fire storm of battle and Lt. Russell runs out to try and save him. Though he was unable to save the life, he did leave with the photographers duffel bag. On the ship ride home Russell discovers the bag that has newsreels in it. Upon arrival in Hollywood, he returns the bag to the studio and there his career with Pacific Pictures begins. He and Vera have a great run at the box office. Pacific Pictures has secrets and Russell is absolutely caught up right in the middle of it all. He quickly discovers that people and things are not always as they appear. Leaving it at that, read The Movie Star and Me-you will thoroughly enjoy!!! Good Book!!!

About Kelly Durham

durham-kelly.jpg Kelly Durham lives in Clemson, SC with his wife Yvonne, their daughters Mary Kate, Addison and Callie and their dog, George Marshall. A graduate of Clemson University, Kelly served four years in the US Army with assignments in Arizona and Germany before returning to Clemson and entering private business. Kelly is the author of The War Widow, Berlin Calling, The Reluctant Co-pilot, and Wade's War. For more information about the books and author visit

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