Defiant Souls - Book Review

Defiant Souls

Author: Kathleen Chadwick
Genre: Fiction - Horror
Date Published: October 17, 2017
ISBN-10: 1612969410
ISBN-13: 978-1612969411

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Book Review of :  Defiant Souls


Defiant Souls by Kathleen Chadwick and published by Black Rose Writing is a story that evolves around an emergence of a new coming of evil that if successful will have an unparalleled impact on civilization. Like the comings of other deities and civilizations, this one also gives birth in the desert led by a charismatic entity that flings lightning from his fingertips and shapes the minds of his adherents into his flock of evil disciples.  They both fear his power and find comfort from his praise and manipulation of their failings. His followers are his slaves and will do whatever he asks of them to stay in his favor.

This menacing stranger dressed in an immaculate three-piece black suit sporting a walking cane with the head of a wolf, has the power to pull hundred dollar bills out of the air, read minds, make himself invisible, and most important find individuals who have little faith and are ripe for his manipulation. He calls himself, Damon.  He has recruited an interesting individual named Todd who has had a unique life and is replete of a soul.  He will be Damon’s right-hand man and will assist him in much of his acts of violence.

The birthplace of this new civilization is in the middle of a desolate desert area in southern Utah.  It has the appearance of an old western frontier town to those who can see it.  For most people the town is invisible – it is cloaked from view by the posers of Damon.  A young boy named, Kyle, on vacation with his aunt accidentally discovers the town, and they are taken captive by its evil residents. Damon and Todd find this youth an interesting challenge for their powers. Kyle, however, fights hard to resist their powers and becomes almost as cunning as they are.  Kevin, another mysterious stranger, who is searching for Damon allies himself with Kyle in hopes of defeating this evil entity Damon and freeing all the souls that are enslaved in this town of evil.

Chadwick spins a very creepy and deeply frightening story in her foray into the horror genre.  Her story is a tale of having faith and summoning the powers to combat the maniacal aberration of evil that the world is forced to face.   This emissary of Satan with his ability to know the darkest secrets of all he encounters makes him a formidable foe.  Chadwick's story is the type of nightmare scenario that is great reading on a rainy evening accompanied by the sound of thunder and streaks of lightning ripping across the darkened sky. A story that might make you think twice about traveling in southern Utah. There are enough action and mystery in this story to keep you turning pages. 

About Kathleen Chadwick


Kathleen Chadwick is a native Utahan and lives in Ogden with her husband, Lon. They have three children and five grandchildren. Kathleen enjoys all outdoor activities, painting and Arm Wrestling. "It's a wonderful life!"


By: Kathleen ChadwickDate: 05/26/2018 08:58:36
I want to thank you for the awesome review! I'm sincerely touched!
Kathleen Chadwick

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