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Rookie Killer

Author: Judi Wallower
Genre: Fiction - Thriller - General
Date Published: February 28, 2018
ISBN-10: 161296995X
ISBN-13: 978-1612969954


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Book Review of :  Rookie Killer


Rookie Killer by Judi Wallower, is a detailed and intriguing fictional account of Ohio’s first female serial killer that’s told as a narrative by the killer herself. 

The novel begins with the main character, 34-year-old Randi Nolan, locked up in Walkashaw State Prison in Montana unraveling how she got there and bragging about how she and her lawyer were able to keep her off of death row.   She has a lot of stories to tell having killed 12 individuals qualifying her as the first female serial killer in the state of Ohio.  The book is replete with details of the various killings and how Randi actually felt as she committed the murders.

Wallower's foray into writing from the perspective of the actual killer will be fascinating reading for those who wonder what makes a serial killer tick. This fictional serial killer is probably an excellent representation of the coldness and sickness that dwells in these depraved individuals. What led them into a life of depravity is the big question, but regardless of what it was, it can’t exonerate them from their actions. Wallower's character shows little remorse for her crimes, which could be a result of the gruesome killings she witnessed as a teenager and the abuse she endured as a child.  

Randi’s family created by Wallower is a very twisted household.  Her family is constantly a source of her rage and confusion.  

Randi’s narrative, which shifts between bragging, emotional confessions and simple storytelling walks you through the events that led up to her incarceration.

Randi’s association and newfound friendship with fellow inmate Jax Murphy adds an element that allows the main character to tell her story more freely.  Jax’ exuberance is the necessary element to counteract Randi’s reserved nature.  Through her relationship with Jax, the reader is able to become intimately familiar with Randi’s background and a detailed account of her crimes.

With the co-mingling of Randi’s personal account and the involvement of Jax Murphy, Wallower has created a chilling page-turner that is sure to keep the reader involved until the very end.  

About Judi Wallower

I have always been intrigued by crime and investigations and love writing stories about it. Rookie Killer is a first-person novel about a female serial killer's life story. ROOKIE KILLER was a lot of fun to write. 

I have a sequel in progress called A KILLER'S THERAPY-THE CONTINUING STORY OF RANDI NOLAN and have a plan for another sequel after that (but I cannot reveal that title just yet!)

Simultaneously to working on A KILLER'S THERAPY I am also working on FOR A RIDE CALL: 555-FEAR about a man who loves to instill fear in people and does so by luring them ride-share trips and then drug and kidnap them, holding them captive in a tunnel on his families land.

When I am not watching the ID channel, I enjoy music, fishing, golfing, writing, and spending time with family. In addition to writing, I work as a part-time greeting card merchandiser. In my past life I was a hairdresser for many years and have an Associates Degree in Accounting.

I grew up in northern New Jersey, lived in Virginia for 16 years but now I'm currently living in Eastern Pennsylvania with my family. :)


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