The Consequences of Victoria Grey - Book Review

The Consequences of Victoria Grey

Author: Johnny Cassidy
Genre: Fiction - Fantasy
Publisher: Authentic Stories LLC
Date Published: March 27, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9798987483749

Book Review of :  The Consequences of Victoria Grey


Johnny Cassidy's sci-fi/fantasy novel The Consequences of Victoria Grey unveils an unsettling new social order in the year 2038. It is a world of dystopian suppression. The tale is introduced by a copy of "The Prophecy" and an ominous sign proclaiming "No Heightened Displays of Emotion." Cassidy describes in the foreword the disturbing social order sixteen-year-old Victoria Grey is forced to live under.

After the catastrophic SunFall '36 and its ensuing destruction, a groundbreaking social app, known as the  Lotus App was developed to restore power back into people's hands. Beneath the auspices of the hallowed Lotus Temple, an ancient institution's "Chosen One Program" underwent a revolutionary transformation and became known as the influential "Organic Superhero Program."

Victoria Grey entered the world with a special gift - superpowers. Hyatt Kodai, her mentor, and instructor, was tasked to help her learn how to use these abilities for good and teach her ways of shielding herself from the risks that accompany utilizing amulets. But, with such immense power, can Victoria learn to use them wisely and appropriately?

Victoria was forbidden to use the powers of genuine amulets while training with a mock amulet to find, take possession of, and protect the real amulet. Victoria's emotions cause strange reactions during her training as she tries to control those emotions. If a person were mentally unstable, that person's body would develop deep scratches that crazed to scars. Crax was the symbol of corruption. 

All citizens were required to wear visors to hide their emotions. The visors enabled the wearer to access The Lotus App, which allowed citizens to communicate, and it acts similar to Siri when asked for information. Victoria was a model student as she hid her emotions from Kodai. He had told her that she could be unstoppable with her emotional intelligence, agility, and strength.

Victoria knew that to "understand amulets was to understand mental corruption." Her goal was to find the annulets and to use their power to help others. The complex plot follows her hair-raising trials and turbulent adventures in a futuristic world. The adults in her life may be against her or for her. It's up to the reader to decide. Her peers alternately support and are intimidated by her. Victoria is caught between being what is expected of her and being true to herself.

The author paints an emotive picture of a young girl's anguish in the face of adversity, creating a vivid connection with readers who have faced difficulties - regardless of scale.

This futuristic novel with unimaginable plot twists will keep the reader involved. The dark, tense psychological drama combined with the unforeseen powers of the amulets is a new twist in fiction. This captivating futuristic novel combines psychological drama, tension, and the incredible powers of amulets to create a unique experience for young adult readers. 

Reviewed by: carole

About Johnny Cassidy


Johnny Cassidy is a disability advocate with a passion for comedic and mental health-themed stories. In 2020 he made an anti-bullying feature film "Authenticity: the Musical." After a positive reception, he adapted the story to the stage at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, where it received five sold-out performances as well as the Encore award. He expanded the musical to a company that creates mental health-related shows for high schools. As he continues to add musicals to his repertoire, he focuses his day-to-day on writing middle-grade novellas while working as a Nanny with kids on the spectrum


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