Beat Me With Your Words - Book Review

Beat Me With Your Words

Author: Jenny Dee
Genre: Fiction - Womens
Publisher: Jennifer Dee Communications
Date Published: July 7, 2021
ISBN-10: 1954687095
ISBN-13: 978195468709

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Book Review of :  Beat Me With Your Words


Beat Me with Your Words, by Jenny Dee, reads like a novel but is so much more. The author’s Introduction makes her intention clear. The message of this fiction is not just to entertain but is an expose of the horrors of hidden, secret, emotional spousal abuse. Jenny Dee lays out the insidious nature of spousal abuse and the ways in which power is wielded without ever having to resort to physical violence.

Told in the first person by the fictional but vivid and highly relatable character, Emily Davidson, the story follows her memoir-style disclosure of her romance-driven descent into hell.   As the reader grasps Emily’s heart-breaking downward spiral into emotional abuse, she may recognize her own or a friend’s undisclosed secret nightmares.

Emily is a typically quiet girl with a few good friends. She does well in school and college, following her dream of becoming a financial consultant. She has had a few boyfriends but no serious relationships until she meets Blake, a charmer, who triggers her romantic fantasies. Dreams of a storybook romance are resistant to reality as she becomes enmeshed in his life. Blake is needy. She puts his needs first, denying his little lies and trusting his cover-up stories.

As their relationship grows, Emily does not at first recognize the little unexplained idiosyncrasies in their codependent life. Her innocence is a juxtaposition with naivety. Blake alternately smothers her with affection and controls her by manipulating her friends and family to cut her off.  Isolated and losing track of her goals and self-esteem, Emily struggles with gullibility as he becomes more controlling. How can she deal diplomatically with being conned by this man that she professes to love and who declares his love and need for her?

Blake is finally exposed as a “gold digger” who has a hidden addiction and a hidden life. He tries to justify the “relationship tests” they have experienced as normal marriage trials. When caught in blatant lies, Blake apologizes profusely with barely acceptable excuses and promises to make amends.  Emily had accepted his charm and power of persuasion for so long that she mentally justifies his smothering mind games until she learns that he has caused her financial ruin.

 At last, Emily begins to take an in-depth look into their marriage relationship. She recognizes the red flags she had ignored, how he had exploited her weaknesses and stolen her identity. Emily fights back. 

Dee has taken the powerful themes of love and loyalty, power struggles, and sex to weave them into a satisfying and suspenseful story that awakens and empowers a survivor. The author paints a gut-wrenching, heartfelt tale of the realities of women who know this life and how unbelievably painful it can be - physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Kudos to Jenny Dee for not glossing over what is one of the most overlooked, tragic issues in our society. Beat Me with Your Words is a story about many things... Love, Friendship, betrayal, abuse, and other real-life scenarios woven into a fictional page-turning novel. 

Reviewed by: Carole W

About Jenny Dee


An avid writer since childhood, my career in professional writing anchored my passion and encouraged my dream to become an author. My first book, Butterfly Travels, was published in 2014. Since then, my world has opened up to unimaginable imagination. I love what I do. I've never been a "one size fits all" type of girl. I like to connect to all kinds of people and share my stories and experiences in hopes that they touch a life. I don't ever want my inspiration to be limited to a single genre, so it is with a great love for writing that I offer a multitude of styles to strike your fancy, from travel memoirs and children's books to empowered women's romance and this introduction to my Brazen Not Battered collection of fictional, yet relatable, abuse survivor stories. And I have many more to tell.

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By: JoanDate: 12/20/2021 09:44:28
An eye-opener. A woman endures emotional abuse at the hands of the love of her life. Blinded by love, her heart endures until she can endure no more. Author Jenny exposes the telltale signs of an abuser. I think everyone should read this book. Very informative. 👍

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