Prospect for Murder: A Natalie Seachrist Mystery - Book Review


Prospect for Murder: A Natalie Seachrist Mystery

Author: Jeanne Burrows-Johnson
Genre: Fiction - Mystery - General
Publisher: Artemesia Publishing, LLC
Date Published: July 18, 2016
ISBN-10: 1932926453
ISBN-13: 9781932926453


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Book Review of :  Prospect for Murder: A Natalie Seachrist Mystery


Prospect for Murder by Jeanne Burrows-Johnson is a murder mystery set in Hawaii. Natalie Seachrist finds herself in a very personal and troubling situation. Natalie is a retired travel writer and lives with her feline friend Miss Una. Natalie takes assignments when asked to work on research projects - at this time she is working on a personal matter for private investigator-- Keoni Hewitt. Ms. Seachrist is a twin and her brother has twin granddaughters. They are the only 4 remaining family members. The girls live with their granddad. Natalie has visions- she has had one that is very disturbing. A young girl has fallen from a building onto a car and is dead. The vision has Natalie extremely upset-then the unthinkable comes to light. Natalie receives a call from her brother-the young girl in her vision is her grandniece. This turn of events sets Natalie in motion-she moves to the apartment that was going to be leased by her grandniece, and the apartment she fell from to her death. Hewitt is uncomfortable with Natalie's new living arrangement and knows she could be in danger. Natalie finds some things and people connected with the apartment building that worry her and set her on her investigation. Will Natalie be able to solve the mysterious death of her grandniece or will she be a threat to the killer - will there be another murder? Burrows-Johnson presents the reader with a very smooth and enjoyable read. Her writing style brings you into the story and keeps you there. Good Book - great read!!

About Jeanne Burrows-Johnson

In fiction and non-fiction, Jeanne Burrows-Johnson draws on experience in the performing arts, commerce, and education. Her humorous and engaging articles and essays have appeared in business, literary and professional publications, including: Broker World the Hawai`I Medical Journal; The Rotarian, and Under Sonoran Skies, Prose and Poetry from the High Desert [a top 50 pick for 2012 by Southwest Books of the Year]. In Prospect for Murder [the first in the Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian mystery series], she takes inspiration from the people and stories of Hawai`i, where she lived for over twenty years.

Academically, Jeanne was accepted for membership in the Phi Beta Kappa Society [the nation's oldest academic honor society) while completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in History at the University of Hawai`i. During graduate studies of post-World War II Japan, she became a member of Phi Alpha Theta [the national history honor society] and received a teaching assistantship in the World Civilization Program in the History Department of the University of Hawai`i. Jeanne is also a lifetime member of the Highland Division of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing, Arizona Mystery Writers, Sisters in Crime, and the National Writer's Union.

Focusing on life's synchronicity, her public addresses are noted for intercultural references and historical asides. Jeanne's integrated perspective helps shape seminars and workshops that facilitate communication between diverse groups of professionals and the general public. As a consulting wordsmith, she draws on her interdisciplinary training to assist other writers to polish their skills and help them achieve their desired potential.

Through, Jeanne has offered her services as a wordsmith and design consultant to executives and their organizations for three decades. The greatest compliment she has ever received is to be told, "You didn't change me, you just helped me to look and sound my best."


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