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Jane Elzey's Dice on a Deadly Sea is the second book of the Cardboard Cottage Mystery series. It is an exciting tale, full of unexpected turns. Four friends set out to enjoy a celebratory birthday cruise but quickly find themselves in over their heads when they discover a man, "Simon Monforte," with a hole between his eyes! In order to salvage what remained of the vacation, these courageous but impetuous adventurers decided to take matters into their own hands and stow away the body. But, unfortunately, their action unwittingly invites danger unlike anything imaginable into what should have been a beautiful getaway to the Galapagos Islands.

The four friends on the cruise are Zelda Carlisle,  Genna Gregory, Rian O'Deis, and Amy Sparks. Their action of hiding the body is quickly discovered, and they become prime suspects in the murder of Monforte. Amy Sparks turns into a super detective to discover the truth of what really happened. Could this be a drug-related hit? Is the captain an accessory to the crime? Why did handsome Andrew lie about his name? The mystery of who killed Monforte means Amy Sparks must dig through secrets beyond her wildest imagination if she hopes to come out unscathed from this deadly dice game!

Nothing should have threatened the celebration of Zelda's 50th birthday. But when the mysterious murder takes center stage aboard the ship, distrust, and jealousy come to life among the four friends -- creating an unsettling atmosphere that threatens their trust and loyalty to each other. Unravel this thrilling puzzle while sailing alongside them on the search for answers! Can one of these close confidants be guilty? Test your detective skills in finding out... It is a bizarre situation, but Rian and her friends find themselves embroiled in the murder investigation and the analysis of the evidence. With loyalty on high alert between them, all due to jealousy and distrust, each must ask - could one of my own be guilty?

If a thrilling mystery is what you crave, then Dice on A Deadly Sea by Jane Elzey should be your next read. This enthralling second book in her Cardboard Cottage Mystery Series will certainly draw you into its captivating characters and gripping situations -- the perfect recipe for a must-read series!

Reviewed by: James Burn

About Jane Elzey


Jane Elzey is a mischief-maker, story-teller, and bender of the facts. A career journalist, she now writes modern-day, not-so-cozy mysteries without much regard for the truth. Born and raised a wild child on Florida's sandy beaches, Jane now lives in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. An insatiable world traveler, she turns her bucket list travels into backdrop settings for her books, sharing distant destinations with readers on the hunt for whodunnit. Jane Elzey writes about four mature women who love to play games - while the husbands die trying. (The husband always dies.) Her Cardboard Cottage Mystery series includes Dying for Dominoes (2020), Dice on a Deadly Sea (2021), Poison Parcheesi and Wine (2022), and Killer Croquet on the Emerald Isle is due out in 2024. For author gossip, book clubs, and book signings, or to join Jane's VIP Club, visit HTTP://JaneElzey.com or HTTP://CardboardCottageMystery.com

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