The Sherangivan - Book Review

The Sherangivan

Author: Jacqueline Fellows
Genre: Fiction - Fantasy
Publisher: Mathias Key Fantasy
Date Published: May 1, 2023
ISBN-13: 979-8987205709

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Book Review of :  The Sherangivan


The Sherangivan by Jacqueline Fellows is a tale introduced by a grisly murder scene where three warriors from another kingdom are found killed and grotesquely displayed.  Caleb Tholstan, the protagonist, was found among three dead men, unconscious and unarmed. Miraculously, he was unharmed but had no memory of what had occurred.

Caleb didn't waste any time. He left the lifeless figures behind and raced back to his home and family in Esseduin, desperate to report the scene to his loved ones. He didn't stop there, however; he then reported the merciless slayings to the ruling authorities of Esseduin, providing them with every detail he could recall. These were no arbitrary deaths. The fallen warriors were members of an army from a neighboring kingdom who had trespassed onto Esseduin's territory.

The neighboring kingdom's leaders accuse Caleb of killing their soldiers and demand justice. As a result, the tension between the two kingdoms escalates into a full-blown war. Fellows vividly depicts the gruesome and violent battles, sparing no detail.

The author weaves several creative storylines that, at times, intersect but remain strong on their own. The characters grow and change dramatically throughout the tale. There are frightening dreams, and he wants to know why he keeps having them. And, of course, there is a romantic side to the story of the love between Caleb and this beautiful woman named Keira. And secrets about Caleb's parents are slowly revealed that astound and confuse him.

Unraveling the enigma of "Sherangivan" remains one of the most intriguing aspects of the book. Its significance to the plot, whether it brings fortune or misfortune, and whether it is a curse or a blessing are the questions that will haunt readers. The saying, "A story involving a sherang never ended well," only adds to the mystique surrounding this elusive entity.

This novel includes a detailed map of the world created by Fellows. 

Beyond that, you'll also witness a ragtag team overcoming tremendous obstacles, revealing the importance of diverse backgrounds banding together despite initial challenges. Finally, witnessing the weak triumph over great foes will also teach you where true power truly stems from - our choices. If these themes resonate with you, you won't want to miss The Sherangivan. 

Reviewed by: Carole

About Jacqueline Fellows


Jaqueline Fellows is idealistic, contrarian, and unconventional. She is named for a grandmother who (reportedly) was able to levitate tables.

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