Dream it to Do it: The Science & the Magic - Book Review

Dream it to Do it: The Science & the Magic

Author: Howard Eisenberg
Genre: Non Fiction - Religion/Phil.
Publisher: Syntrek(r) Inc.
Date Published: November 15, 2021
ISBN-10: 1737916924
ISBN-13: 978-1737916925

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Book Review of :  Dream it to Do it: The Science & the Magic


Howard Eisenberg's "Dream It to Do It" sheds light on the complexities of consciousness and its relationship to reality. A truly enlightening read; I was captivated by the multitude of insightful ideas and theories presented. Prepare to be amazed by what you'll discover within these pages. For fifty years, Eisenberg has relentlessly explored the mysteries of higher consciousness and how it impacts humanity. His writing delivers a captivating and accessible case for his philosophy which would engage advanced thinkers and beginners alike with his succinct, conversational chapters. Reading this amazing book can help you uncover your full potential and unlock a new level of self-awareness. It should help you discover a deeper understanding of your surroundings and help you become the ultimate version of yourself.

Gain a new perspective on the world. This book is a treasure trove of stunning revelations and transformative wisdom from experts spanning different cultures, eras, and disciplines. Explore mind-blowing concepts from scientists, psychologists, philosophers, spiritual guides, and psychics. It was an eye-opener that LSD was not only a mind-altering drug for washed-out hippies but also for many creative minds who credit a part of their success to an altered state of consciousness.

Eisenberg postulates that the only undeniable truth is our awareness and the interconnectedness of all things. Discover the truth about reality: it's not what we think, nor are we according to his deductions. For most readers, It will be interesting to learn that research shows that our brains don't create consciousness, but instead, it's the other way around. By deliberately altering our thought patterns and behaviors (like through psychotherapy or changing habits), we can rewire our brains' physical structure and function. Consciousness can transform both the hardware and software of our brains.

Eisenberg states that believing in your vision as if it's already real is essential to making it a reality. As an example of this belief, he mentions the placebo effect, which proves that expectation results in mental and physical changes. Similarly, young children in martial arts learn to break wooden boards painlessly through this same principle. As he states, don't just try, do. Invest in your belief and watch your vision manifest.

This book's revelations could actually shift how you view yourself and the world. Its revolutionary information is packed with insight that will transform your life for the better. For example, it includes a primer on meditation to help teach the practice, along with ways to connect your lucid dreams to your waking memory. Eisenberg also included numerous exercises to help you experience a shifted reality.

Look no further than this intriguing and accessible book. With insights that will shift your perspective and empower you to be your best self, it's a must-read for anyone seeking to improve their lives and better understand consciousness. This concise book by Eisenberg might just be what you need to unlock your ultimate potential.

Reviewed by: James B.

About Howard Eisenberg


Dr. Howard Eisenberg, M.Sc. (Psych), M.D., is a Medical Doctor with postgraduate training in both Psychology and Psychiatry. He has been a Lecturer at the University of Toronto and an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Vermont. He is also the CEO of the international consultancy - Syntrek Inc. On a more personal level, he's been on a passionate lifelong quest to discover the true nature of reality. He was awarded the first postgraduate degree in Canada at McGill University for his highly successful Parapsychological research on Telepathy. He then pioneered the instruction of Parapsychology as a regular credit course at the University of Toronto Almost half a century ago, he authored his first trailblazing book, Inner Spaces: Parapsychological Explorations of the Mind. His new book, Dream it to Do it: The Science & the Magic, is the culmination of his successful quest to learn how reality works!

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