They Don't Have to See You - Book Review

They Don't Have to See You

Author: Hollis Avery
Narrated by: Adam Lofbomm
Genre: Non Fiction - Business/Finance
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: August 9, 2022
ISBN-10: 9798845969149
ISBN-13: 979-8845969149

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Book Review of :  They Don't Have to See You


Hollis Avery's book, They Don't Have to See You: Be a Better Remote Manager and Build Trust with Your Employees, was a fascinating read for me since the book was about my own work situation. I am a remote worker and a remote manager of other workers. I could relate to many of the statements Avery made in his book.

Avery makes it clear that remote work can be just as productive for the employer and the employee as working in an office environment - especially if the right strategies are implemented, which he detailed in his book. They Don't Have to See You is a blueprint for successfully transitioning from working away from the job site to successful remote working. It provides helpful information for both management and the remote worker. The book also provides an insightful perspective on helping you decide if you're the type of person that could thrive in a remote work environment.

Avery's book starts with how Covid 19 was a transformative event for labor and management. The forced isolation of workers from one another ushered in a new way for companies to get their work done – by the remote employee. The book covers the basics of the positives and negatives affecting workers and businesses. A remote workforce provides many benefits to both workers and companies. Working remotely allows the employee to have more control over their time and organize it in a way that works best for their situation. They can take care of errands during the day and take their laptop to other places to perform their work – a café, the beach, or some exotic location. They will find more time to spend with family and save on wear and tear on their vehicle when they eliminate the everyday chaotic dangerous commute to the office. And as they reap all of these benefits, they are still getting paid! The companies save money on office space, equipment, and many other office-type expenses.  Every chapter is complete with its own content review of the primary points to take away.

However, a remote workforce also has its faults. One major problem Avery reveals is the difficulty of creating a culture between management and remote employees to establish the camaraderie essential to cement company members together to maintain productivity. How can managers know if their remote workers are focused on the project or watching Judge Judy reruns while nursing a midday martini? How can you maintain or monitor the remote team's progress and ensure that the work will be completed on schedule? 

Avery touches on many essential areas in remote management, from holding and controlling online meetings to keeping up with communication across multiple teams and projects. If you are a team leader or part of management, this book will give you the tools and strategies necessary to make remote work go smoothly - so that everyone wins! They Don't Have to See, you is well-written, practical, and an on-time "how-to lead guide." The ideas expressed in Avery's book can be helpful in managing all types of remote work situations

Reviewed by: Carole W

About Hollis Avery


Hollis Avery has been a business manager in about every setting you can imagine: Corporate and Not-for-Profit, as well as his own organizations. He found the management of remote employees to be different than anything he had experienced before and decided to add author to his resume. Hollis holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management and believes that every leader is just one amazing book away from being their best. This is that book.

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