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zack-s-choice.jpg Zack's Choice by Harry E. Gilleland, Jr. is the story of an adventure by Zack Gresham. Zack is a law student at Yale who embarks on a cross country motorcyle ride to visit his parents. Zack takes this ride to see the country, visit his parents and then get back to Yale to finish his law degree. The ride is everything Zack had envisioned until he gets to New Mexico and picks up a hitchhiker in the desert. That is when things begin to happen. You will not believe the wild ride both literally and figuratively. This story starts to take on a life of it's own that at times is totally unbelievable. That being said, you will continue to read through the unbelievable to see exactly how Mr. Gilleland will play out the mess Zack has gotten himself into. The book is entertaining and written in a very easy flow--there is humor and adventure. This book remains unpredictable from beginning to end. Especially the end. Zack's Choice is an entertaining adventure of a 22 year old young man and the choices he makes from the moment he gets on the motorcycle for the cross country ride until he makes his last life changing decision at the end of the book. Good Read!!!

About Harry Gilleland, Jr.

gilleland,-jr.-harry.jpg Harry E. Gilleland, Jr is an award-winning poet and author of nine published books, four books of his personal poetry and five prose books. Harry was born in Macon, GA, and has lived since 1975 in Shreveport, LA, making him a proud and confirmed Southerner. Dr. Gilleland retired in 2004 after twenty-nine years as a Professor of Microbiology at LSU-S's School of Medicine. Since his retirement, Harry has devoted his efforts full-time to creative writing, both poetry and prose, and to editing.

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