Smugglers 1 Nikki - Book Review


Smugglers 1 Nikki

Author: Gerald McCallum
Genre: Fiction - Suspense
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 1494246007
ISBN-13: 978-1494246006


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Book Review of :  Smugglers 1 Nikki

smugglers-1-nikki.jpg Smugglers 1 Nikke by Gerald McCallum is a novel set in the Florida Keys. The book opens with Nikki in the middle of a divorce and neck high in debt. The soon to be exhusband has agreed to give Nikki the marina they have joint ownership in--the catch--the marina is just about (days away) to be foreclosed on. As Nikki tours the marina to collect rent from her "slip" renters, you immediately get introduced to some characters. That stays true through the entire book. Nikki gets back to her marina office, determines how much money she has to pay toward her debt and how much more she needs to collect. As Nikki sits there in despair Glenn (a marina renter) comes into her office with a briefcase of money--he wants her to use the money to pay the debt and sign 50% of the marina over to him. Does not take long to figure out where the briefcase money came from and the wild ride Nikki is about to embark on. Smugglers 1 is an action packed book of drugs, sex, murder and smuggling. Nikki will surprise you in many ways throughout the book--the woman just trying to get by and save her marina to the woman that has no boundaries when it comes to manipulation and lack of loyalty. The marina "community" was a group of very different but enjoyable people. Enjoyed reading about their lives and escapades. They were family. Be prepared for lots of drugs and sex. McCallum spins it all into a book that will keep your attention from page one to the end. Enjoy!!!

About Gerald McCallum

mccallum-gerald.jpg BIOGRAPHY Gerald "Mack" McCallum is an entrepreneur with the spirit of a true adventurer. He started out as a 15-year-old runaway who ended up on a Mexican beach where he and all the other Americans there were arrested. After 11 days in a Mexican prison, his aunt bought his freedom for $1000. Mack soon joined the Navy where he flew off an aircraft carrier to patch planes in war zones. Later, he became a successful sales executive for a national company, his work taking him from Las Vegas to Tucson and on to Florida where he lived on a houseboat in the Keys. Mack was an avid bodybuilder and is trained in "close combat" with edge weapons. He has scuba dived all over the world and is skilled as a skeet and trap shooter. He is now living out his dream of being a writer of novels filled with graphic violence based on people he's met over his years of travel and observation. His favorite author is by John D. MacDonald. His favorite books are Dirty White Boys and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. He also loves watching shows like Breaking Bad and Deadwood.


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