What I See is Love - Book Review

What I See is Love

Author: Gabriella Fiorletta
Genre: Children - Dealing With Emotions
Publisher: Mascot Kids
Date Published: August 8, 2023
ISBN-10: 1637553064
ISBN-13: 978-1637553060

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Book Review of :  What I See is Love


The delightful, full-color cover of What I See Is Love, by Gabriella Fiorletta, will entice parents and teachers of young children to flip through the pages and read the informative back cover. Written to be read to young children and for the enjoyment of beginning readers, this award-winning children's book will be an instant hit for children and adults.

In a world of uncertainty and emotional struggles experienced by children, What I See Is Love is a worthwhile look at the world. The author, a teacher, guidance counselor, and winner of the 2023 Family Choice Award, has written a positively focused book that encourages children to recognize the little ways people express love in their lives.

The emotional story follows the daily life of a young girl. Told in the child's voice,  she tells about the love she experiences from her family and community members. She sees the good deeds and gestures that others do and the kindness shown to her and her friends.  The short story lets the reader recognize the little, often overlooked actions that indicate love.

The beautiful full-color illustrations by Nyrryl Cadiz will intrigue the young reader to retell the story in his own words referring to the pictures. The children portrayed in the illustrations are of different nationalities and personalities. A girl in a wheelchair adds to the inclusivity of a diverse population. Readers can easily relate to the storyline as well as the charming illustrations.

Through positive affirmation, the author answers readers' questions of "Where is Love?" and "How do we recognize it?" The multi-award-winning author's sensitivity to children's emotional needs and growth will encourage readers to look forward to additional children's books by Gabriella Fioretta. 

Reviewed by: carole

About Gabriella Fiorletta

Gabriella Fiorletta studied English literature at the University of South Florida. She is a former teacher, guidance counselor, and stay-at-home mom. When she is not reading a book to her three young children, you can find her enjoying the beaches of sunny Florida, cooking her favorite Italian meals, or planning her family's next RV adventure. Writing a children's book has been a dream of hers since she was a little girl. One night when she was tucking her daughter Charlotte into bed, she pointed to her mom's heirloom necklace and said, "Mom, when I look at you, I see love." With that, the foundation of Gabriella's first children's book was laid.

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