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the-gentle-barn.jpg The Gentle Barn by Ellie Laks is a very heartwarming story of Ellie, animals and children/teens. Ellie Laks has laid out her journey in life in this book. Relationships and circumstances have not always been easy for Laks. From a troubled childhood, adult relationships that didn't work, and a need for therapy (of somekind) Laks rescues a sick goat and The Gentle Barn takes off. This book has great stories about animals and people--but the single one thing that you will take from The Gentle Barn is that animals can rescue people. We all have rescued an animal somewhere along the way, but The Gentle Barn is a two fold rescuing venture. First the animal is rescued, comes to live at The Barn and then the transformation begins. Troubled teens and children interact with these animals and the result is astounding. You will enjoy each of the stories in this book (and you will shed a tear) and realize what a invaluable experience that Laks is affording these animals and people. Enjoy!!!

About Ellie Laks

laks-ellie.jpg Ellie Laks has always loved animals and from the time she could walk she headed into the woods daily to be with them, sometimes bringing them home—much to her parents’ chagrin. In 1999, Ellie founded The Gentle Barn, an animal sanctuary that rescues and rehabilitates severely abused and neglected farm animals. Once the animals are healthy, they help Ellie heal at-risk inner-city and special-needs children. Ellie lives on the property outside of Los Angeles with her husband, who runs the Barn with her, and their three children.

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