Geraldine - Book Review


Author: Edmund Aristone
Genre: Fiction - Suspense
Date Published: June 14, 2018
ISBN-10: 1684330254
ISBN-13: 9781684330256

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Book Review of :  Geraldine


Tom was certain about one thing in life … gin was his best friend and worst enemy. Even knowing that his drinking was ruining his relationship, he still ended up having one-too-many too many times. Paula finally ended things. She still cared for him, but their lives were headed in different directions.

Geraldine by Edmund Aristone is a compelling story about a young lady and her everyday battle with bipolar disorder. Her life already complicated by her own demons, Geraldine is introduced to Tom by her friend Paula.

“… with jet-black hair that fell to her shoulders, hazel eyes with a hint of green, gorgeous teeth, a complexion a shade lighter than olive, and apparently weighing about 115 pounds …” Tom was immediately captivated. Geraldine didn’t like doctors, so it was a good thing for Tom that he wasn’t really a doctor … yet.

The night the two met, Geraldine, told him that she had no future. In the days that followed Tom began to see his future with her in it. He learned that Geraldine’s past was filled with tragedy and about her battles with bipolar disorder. Tom was the kind of guy who helps others, in fact, those who knew him would say Tom was the kind of friend who wouldn’t run from them when they were in trouble but instead run towards them.  Geraldine and Tom with their own troubled pasts discovered comfort in each other. They chose to face the future together. Would this be the right decision?

Aristone leads readers through a tale of tragedies and triumphs as he introduces a variety of characters who each affect Geraldine’s life. Some are for the better. Some are for the worse. Some are both.

It wasn’t enough for Tom to fall in love with Geraldine; he had to take care of her. His training and contacts in the medical profession enabled Tom to find the right combination of drugs to help Geraldine, but those drugs hindered her artistic abilities. She was an artist with great potential. She had to be clear-headed to get into her zone and do her best work. What price was she willing to pay to complete her masterpiece?

  This is Aristone’s second book, published five years after his suspense-thriller, Boardwalk. With the character interactions and a unique perspective of how a person deals with a debilitating disease, Geraldine is sure to become an instant hit. 

About Edmund Aristone

Edmund Aristone is an unusual author who was inspired to write when he owned a strip club for 10 years in the number one murder city in the country: Camden, NJ. He met people from all over the world where he witnessed them die in his arms, heart and soul.


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