The Angels of Resistance - Book Review

The Angels of Resistance

Author: David V Mammina
Genre: Fiction - Fantasy
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: August 1, 2015
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 979-8706702519

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Book Review of :  The Angels of Resistance


The Angels of Resistance, Parts I & II, a primeval tragedy by David V. Mammina, is an indie dark fantasy. One thousand years after the apocalypse, the Demon Plague attacks Pommel, the home of Michael Miuriel. This man has experienced the death of his wife and young son from the plague and is devastated by its damage to his city. He is one of the few citizens who have survived the evil.

Michael is a man of honor in his country but is cursed by memories of the slaughter of his people by the Demon Plague's demonic army. He fears that he has gone mad when he finds himself adrift in the small boat in the Pacifica Ocean. He has no food or water -  but he does have a tattered cloak and staff. Michael was rescued by a large ship with a crew from Elliium on a western course for the kingdom of Tinaria. The reader learns that Michael's staff is enchanted and that Michael has mystical powers.

Mammina uniquely blends in his own version of the biblical character Abaddon, the Destroyer. Abaddon is the Spirit of Destruction and is considered "the angel of the bottomless pit – Hell. In the biblical belief, he is a demon who comes and inhabits a trusted leader, and through that individual does his evil.

Questioned about his adventures and abandonment at sea, Michael relates the devastating attack by flying and shadowy demons that annihilated most of the citizens of Pommel. Finally, Michael asks to be taken to the Western kingdoms to warn the rulers of the possibility of attack.

The novel's plot follows Michael as he tries to warn diverse cultures, races, and peoples of the impending dangers of the coming plague. The rulers are divided by their beliefs, understanding, and trust in Michael, especially since it seems that the Demon Plague is following him. Flying lizard-like beasts with long talons and whip-like tails attack the towns from the air, while equally terrifying winged beasts arise from the dark shadows to munch on the fallen citizens. The monstrous, vile beasts are zombies, wraiths, vampires, and dragons that leave the putrid stench of death and decay.

Michael meets with other magical warriors with supernatural powers. The stories that revolve around these characters are as intriguing as Michael's character. He convinces the government leaders of the various kingdoms to commit their warriors to unite to try to defeat the unimaginable evil forces trying to take over the world. However, as the demon armies become stronger, it is determined that the evil is emanating from Pommel; therefore, the war council decides to take the combined forces to attack that kingdom. Now Michael's quest circles back to his home and the discovery of his role in the world's history and future. You will discover that water and the sun's rays can be weapons against evil entities.

The captivating world of The Angels of Resistance is a dark fantasy adventure that will leave you spellbound. Author David Mammina amplifies the conventional demonic narrative into a mesmerizing fantasy that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This book is an ideal pick for all lovers of epic fantasy novels featuring charismatic characters and epic battles between the forces of good and evil fighting against darkness.

This book is not for the squeamish. There is bloodshed, encounters with evil ghouls and wraiths, and some disturbing language. 

Reviewed by: CAROLE

About David V Mammina


David V. Mammina lives in Long Island, NY and teaches history to students with learning disabilities. He is the author of nine fiction novels, the recipient of the Presidential Service Award for his volunteer work in the community, the recipient of fifteen literary awards, one including Top Author of Fiction in 2022 by Outstanding Creator Awards. He enjoys connecting with avid readers and other independent authors, as well as dabbling in video games and comics.

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