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A Voice from Heaven: From Earthly Struggles to Thriving in the Afterlife by Alexander V. Girman and Cynthia J. Girman is a contemplative narrative based on Cynthia Girman's psychic interaction with her deceased son, Alec. Cynthia was able to contact Alec through three prior psychic medium sessions. Alec had agreed to helping his mother in writing about his journey and his answers to her many questions about the afterlife. The missive is written in three voices—Cynthia's recording of Alec's communications, her own feelings, and her husband, Tom's, thoughts. Is there a sort of consciousness in the spirit realm after life?

The author, Cynthia J. Girman holds a Doctor of Public Health degree in biostatistics with an emphasis in epidemiology - medicine's vital pursuit of understanding disease incidence, distribution, and health-related factors. Her keen interest with substance abuse disorder is directly related to her love for her deceased son. She is dedicated to research on addiction and better treatments for such disorders, such as transcranial alternating current brain stimulation, and 50% of proceeds from the book are donated to such research.

The book is introduced with Cynthia's first transcendental conversation with her departed son, Alec, who is the book's co-author. Through intention and active writing, she freely records with pen and paper the thoughts she receives from Alec, and indicates when she or her husband, Tom, record their own thoughts. Her early morning conversations with Alec extend over a eight-week period. During this time, she asks him many questions about what it’s like in Heaven. His answers are fascinating.

Alec speaks of brilliant light and colors, encompassing love and of floating. He is an emotional being, learning to be his true self. "When you doubt yourself, you doubt God because He created you." He feels that his purpose is to teach how to "trust yourself" and to "trust God in you" with the help of spirit guides, higher beings, and angels. Alec feels incredible energy, understanding, and interconnectedness with deceased ancestors and even pets.

Cynthia Girman interjects her responses and emotions throughout. Tom, Alec's father, adds to the tome by presenting Alec's background dealing with Asperger's and ADHD and his curiosity about drugs that led to addiction, residential transition programs, and ultimately, his untimely death. 

A Voice from Heaven: From Earthly Struggles to Thriving in the Afterlife captivates the reader with its powerful and eloquent writing. The authors fearlessly delve into unexplored territory, offering a rare glimpse into the intricate concepts that shape our world and the world beyond. Prepare to be moved by the authors' vulnerability, transparency, and unwavering passion.

Whether Christian, of other beliefs, agnostic or atheist,the authors will challenge the reader to rethink what the afterlife and eternal life mean. The book will help readers not to fear death and to abide in love toward fellow man.  


Reviewed by: carole W

About Cynthia Girman


As her first foray into publishing, Cynthia (Cindy) Girman did not know she was going to write a book until a few days before she started writing, but she felt compelled to share this astonishing experience to help those in grief or who fear dying. Cindy is founder of a consulting firm that works with pharmaceutical companies to generate more efficient and meaningful evidence on how medicines work. She holds a Doctor of Public Health degree in biostatistics with emphasis on epidemiology from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (UNC) and is a fellow of the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology. Cindy and Tom enjoy travel, especially safari and exotic birds, and spending time with friends and family. They are incredibly proud of their daughter Vera, a fashion photographer and art director for photoshoots. Cindy and her husband Tom are collaborating with UNC researchers on research of non-pharmacological treatment (low current electrical brain stimulation) for substance use disorder (addiction), a keen interest of theirs. This has been shown to help in depression. At least 50% of the proceeds from this book are being donated to research on substance use disorder (addiction).

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