Baker Street Irregular - Book Review

Baker Street Irregular

Author: Craig W. Fisher
Genre: Fiction - Thriller - General
Publisher: Godwinson Press
Date Published: August 31, 2022
ISBN-10: 1739780701
ISBN-13: 9781739780715

Book Review of :  Baker Street Irregular


Craig W. Fisher, the author of Baker Street Irregular, introduces his novel by stating that the title comes from a fictional gang in Arthur Conan Doyle's "Sherlock Holmes" novels. The name was given to WWII British spy networks because of their location on Baker Street in Central London.

Fisher further states that his historical fiction was inspired by actual events enhanced by imaginative, psychological drama and hair-raising violence. The author's ability to get into the particularities of each character's head and personality makes for intriguing suspense. In addition, his extensive research and attention to minute detail ensure that the reader is immersed in the haunting hunt for suspected spies.

in 1947, Bill, an undercover spy for Britain, is in postwar Berlin. After fighting in the war, he had returned home as an esteemed hero. Yet his service and heroism were shrouded by suspicions that he had killed a fellow agent - Irene. Was the bullet intended for him? Was it someone she knew? A double agent?

Fisher paints a harrowing portrait of World War II and its lasting consequences on those who fought in it, and the inner naivety and trust that could never be recaptured from such indescribable destruction. His assignments offer readers a thought-provoking glimpse into what remains when societies try to rebuild themselves after a war -- providing insight far beyond politics and psychology alone.

In his travels across Europe, he witnesses the grim reality of violence and suffering committed by all the warring parties. War is a harsh reality; this story gives insight into its devastating impact on individuals. Gruesome events, psychological trauma, and the dislocation of families all take their toll in ways that aren't easily imagined by those who haven't experienced war firsthand.

Bill's horror story begins with his night parachute jump into the countryside near Paris in 1944. He was assigned to meet with the French Resistance. Turbulent, passionate, and problematic, the plot revolves around undercover agents and their assignments. From breaking into mansions to safe cracking to stealing valuable papers, the team begins to put together a list of suspected spies and double agents.

The author's research into the little-known post-war history in Berlin allows the reader to feel the tension and turbulence of the era. The city is divided into four sectors: French, British, Russian, and American. Each has its own limited government and policing laws. Each sector treats vices - like brothels, bars, and homosexuals differently. Bill speaks several languages and can "pass" for different nationalities depending on his dress and his knowledge of customs. He actually infiltrates all four sectors with diverse results, from mayhem to murder.

As he tries to determine who was responsible for Irene's death, he discovers a more perverse covert operation. Why are Nazis scientists disappearing from the country instead of being tried for war crimes? Who is trying to thwart his investigation?

The suspense-filled drama gets into the reader's head and will keep the reader awake reading long into the night. WWII history buffs will want to add this tome to their collection.

Fisher's Baker Street Irregular isn't simply a tale of violence and bloodshed but an essential reminder that the human spirit's capacity for courage and resilience is greater than all else.

Reviewed by: carole

About Craig W. Fisher


Craig W. Fisher hails from Kent, the Garden of England. An electrician, biker, former air cadet, and Belgian beer aficionado, he is often found riding his motorcycle, watching Charlton Athletic lose at home, or masquerading as a successful fisherman. Inspired by his years of reading historical fiction and classic noir detective stories, his debut novel, Baker Street Irregular, fuses his passion for storytelling and a keen interest in military history. Written as a distraction from world events at the start of the 2020 pandemic, it was more than two years in the making. He was accompanied throughout by classic rock on the stereo and ably assisted by his miniature schnauzer, Vincent. Be the first to learn about Craig W. Fisher's new releases by subscribing to the mailing list at You can also follow him on social media @craigwfisher.

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