Fathers of Edenville - Book Review

Fathers of Edenville

Author: Corrine Ardoin
Genre: Fiction - Womens
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Date Published: April 16, 2020
ISBN-10: 1684334537
ISBN-13: 9781684334537

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Book Review of :  Fathers of Edenville


Fathers of Edenville, by Corrine Ardoin, tells a story about a cuckolded small-town detective, Fortuitous Sumner, his unfaithful wife, Sylvia, murder, and introspection of life. The novel explores the subverted connection between two men who grew up together, and unwittingly became each other's nemesis.  Their issues date back to high school years when Tucker Stewart felt his first pangs of jealousy over classmate Jim Hart when he saw how Jim was so popular, respected by his peers, and was the heartthrob of most the girls in school.  Jim Hart had been the captain of the football team and had won the interest of the beautiful lusty Sylvia Cadwallader, who was also Tucker Stewart's dream girl. Tucker was striking out with Sylvia, in fact, she actually seemed to avoid Tucker, and that hurt him deeply but didn't diminish his desires for her.  Jim and Tucker were both in love with her, but neither would marry her.

 Ardoin's novel examines the dark obsessions that lie beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary people. With unerring psychological insight, the novel moves characters cross the precarious line separating fantasy from reality. When Sylvia's lover, Jim Hart, disappears, speculation abound of his disappearance.  Was Jim killed by detective Fortuitous Sumner; he certainly had the motive to kill this man, who was his wife's paramour or was it Tucker Stewart who was jealous of Jim's illicit relation with Sylvia? Or did Jim's wife decide to put a permanent end to her husband's philandering - or did Jim just take off to escape from his failing marriage and convoluted life.

Ardoin weaves in another thread about two fathers. Fathers who have little to do with their offspring, but why. Fathers who have forgotten that they have children who need their love,  When one of them is discovered dead, soon after Jim Hart's disappearance, the small town is in an uproar.  Are these two tragedies related? Is there a killer on the loose?

The human issues that affect relationships are the foundation for Ardoin's story, she builds mystery and intrigue around the matter of what makes men men, and women women, and how they reconcile their love and sexuality individually, and together.

Ardoin's novel is told in the third person, and oddly enough for a story about the sins of the flesh, it is devoid of profanity and erotic descriptions of adultery.  Dark twists and delightful turns follow this unique look at infidelity, cuckolding, jealousies, and a craving for redemption.  As you read Fathers of Edenville, you will find yourself drawn deeper and deeper into this dark story of destructive obsessions.

Reviewed by: Carole W.

About Corrine Ardoin

Corrine Ardoin loves storytelling. She has written hundreds of poems and songs, performed at local festivals, has written numerous short stories and articles, and has authored several books. Her work has appeared in newspapers and in publications by the American Collegiate Poets and the National Library of Poetry. She has lived in many rural areas throughout California before settling in Santa Maria, California where she attended Allan Hancock College. When she's not at her desk writing, she's gardening, visiting the local coffee hangout, or hiking the trails near her home.


By: Corrine ArdoinDate: 10/10/2020 15:46:29
I am so pleased with the review you have written on my book, Fathers of Edenville. You have captured the underlying current of this story, as well as its lighter moments. Thank you, so much!

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