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where-s-my-sanity.jpg Where's My Sanity? by Claudia Sheftel-Luiz, PsyaD is a very unique and interesting approach to solving our ordinary and complex situations. The book deals with 9 different situations - so many times with therapy and mental health consultations the patient is there to be listened to and then made "right". Dr. Luiz introduces the reader to a very helpful method to bring about the change wanted and needed. Each section of the book consists of Dr. Luiz telling you the story of the patient. The patients thought process, the underlying reason for the visit to a therapist and what the patient expects to happen. Here is where Dr. Luiz's book was so enlightening--she takes the approach with her patients (fictional for this book) that you must experience what is happening in order to change and transform. She provides stategies that you can easily adopt and even more importantly see and feel the changes. At the end of each of the "chapters", Dr. Luiz has questions with answers, and "takeaway"--which are what the patient needs to think about and act upon. I recommend this book to not only fellow therapists, but to all of us. The experiences dealt with in Where's My Sanity? are in each of our lives at one time or another. Where's My Sanity? is not only a must read, but a must keep-you'll want to reference again and again.

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Dr. Claudia Sheftel-Luiz, Ed.M., Harvard University, Cert. Psya., PsyaD, BGSP, has been in private practice and serving a consultant to profit and non-profits in the Greater Boston area for over 25 years. She is the former Director of Extension at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis and former Co-President of Professionals for Parents and Families. First-place winner of the 2006 Phyllis W. Meadow Award for Excellence in Psychoanalytic Writing (published in Modern Psychoanalysis) and first place winner of the 2008 Reader�s Digest Best Writer�s Website Award, Dr. Luiz is a frequent guest on news and radio shows, including Chronicle, The Boston Globe, as well as other local area


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