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The Glass Angel

Author: Christina Foxwell
Genre: Non Fiction - Motivational
Publisher: Ignite Purpose
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 0646864394
ISBN-13: 9780646864396


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Book Review of :  The Glass Angel


The Glass Angel, A Guide to Freedom, Peace, Transformation, and Growth is an enlightening self-help memoir by Christina Foxwell. The author has been able to turn the trials of her life and the resultant feelings of inadequacy and loneliness into a positive outlook and a successful mentoring program. Foxwell was reared by missionary parents in South Africa and has spent her adult life in Australia. She is currently a personal life coach and is on social media with regular live streams and podcasts.

Foxwell introduces her counseling techniques and philosophy through a fictional story called The Glass Angel. Through an analogy with her own life, she is able to connect the reader to the fate of the glass angel and herself and, in turn, relate to the reader's life. Designed in three parts, the book begins with the story of the Glass Angel, then in part two, the author relates her own story, and part three includes practical ways to help the reader in his own struggles to live freely.

The glass angel is a metaphor for a young person's life that is broken by shame, abuse, domestic violence, and codependency or isolation. With a lack of self-confidence and self-love, the angel becomes broken, shattered within. The broken angel struggles to be a people pleaser and find strength through having a strong, though false, façade. The author uses the term alchemy to refer to a positive transformation. Seemingly magical, a person can change his life's and self-image's direction. Through learning that all life is a gift and to respect his own back story, the reader is led through healing steps.

In part two, the author relates many of her personal negative stories. Reinforced by the use of memoirs, the purpose of her life stories is evident. She uses the metaphor of transforming for enlightenment or contentment by having the awareness that she is like the glass angel. Once she was broken, but through understanding and self-evaluation, she has been able to put the glass pieces back together again in a much stronger image of herself.

Part three is designed as a personal workbook with practices based on cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance, and commitment. The reader is encouraged to use the book reflexively.

The design and publishing format of The Glass Angel, A Guide to Freedom, Peace, Transformation, and Growth entices readers to purchase it as a gift for a hurting friend or as a personal journal. Expect to see more encouraging and empowering messages from Christina Foxwell. 

Reviewed by: Carol W

About Christina Foxwell


Christina E. Foxwell devotes her life to helping others find and follow their passions, transform their lives, and grow into the people they were always meant to be. Her life’s journey began in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and ultimately landed her in Sydney, Australia. Her road to where she is now was paved with hardships and turmoil. She experienced domestic violence, PTSD, and divorce before she found a path to healing and building a life of gratitude, forgiveness, and love. Currently, she runs a practice called Ignite Purpose, where she has the privilege of guiding others on their life-changing journeys. In addition to her work, she also has many other passions. They include painting, writing, teaching, coaching, and spending time with her family. Her most important roles are wife, mother, daughter, and grandmother of one. For more information about her and her work, visit her website:

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