Getting Trump: How the Media is Hurting Itself Chasing THE DONALD - Book Review

Getting Trump: How the Media is Hurting Itself Chasing THE DONALD

Author: Charles Davies
Narrated by: Steve Twitchell
Genre: Non Fiction - Gov/Politics
Publisher: Defiance Press & Publishing, LLC
Date Published: August 2, 2019
ISBN-10: 1948035324
ISBN-13: 9781948035323

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Narrated by: Steve Twitchell

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Book Review of :  Getting Trump: How the Media is Hurting Itself Chasing THE DONALD


Getting Trump by Charles Davies is a herculean effort to expose the banalities and falsehoods woven around the presidency of Donald Trump.  In Davies’ book, we are introduced to an exhaustive and incisive analyst of the media’s portrayal of President Trump’s presidency.  Getting Trump makes the argument that no other previous president has ever had to struggle with the constant attacks by an openly bias and hostile press. Davies shows how the major media’s reporting crystallizes how it has little to do with honest reporting but more to do with the reporter’s opinions and political leaning.

The book is not a written defense of Trump's opinions or conduct nor a defense of the media establishment but a very balanced examination of current media’s failure to report the news accurately without biased opinions.

The book reveals in extraordinary detail the genesis of the almost superhuman drive, energy, and ambition that Trump has displayed in performing his job in spite of the withering media attacks he weathers daily.

Charles Davies analysis of the failure of Modern Media’s Stewardship of Honest Reporting is written evenhandedly in easy to read prose that is fast-paced yet compelling, and his insights are unique because his arguments are so well substantiated.

Issue by issue, Davies, adds to the narratives that the madness of Mainstream Media have often advanced radically skewing events, words, and actions to fit their own political views or agendas. Many reports couched as news are simply screeds attacking a view or whole group of citizens.

 His book illustrates vividly why so many people, including myself, no longer watch TV news. The unchecked unbiased reporting has damaged the profession of journalism.

The book delves into Russia Gate, the Mueller Report, racism accusations, womanizing, attacks on Trump’s family, the Clinton issues, and every other attack of consequence against the President.  What precipitated the investigation of the Trump Administration for collusion with the Russians is examined. Was it the Christopher Steele dossier or something else? The discussion of the impeachment threat is included along with a large positive listing of Trump administration’s accomplishments.

Davies writes in one chapter, “If they want to be taken seriously, members of the media need to think carefully about how they respond to these publications, and the claims they, therefore, make based on gossip, speculation, and accounts that have not been fact-checked. Continuing in this way allows for further mistrust between the public and the media, which will only continue to hurt the industry. As with anyone, there are criticisms to be made but, if you are always looking for them and never say anything constructive, people will lose faith in those accounts.”  This is a good example of Davies writing in a balanced manner. 

In this sadly historic time of media’s unambiguous display of “Hatred,” toward those they disagree with, this book serves to help sort out the veracity of political stories coming out of Washington.  This pervasive dislike by the press toward specific individuals, entities, and institutions holding opposing views are deftly discussed. Davies paints a fascinating picture of the political enigma that Trump has become. Whether you voted for him or not, Getting Trump by Charles Davies will enlighten and entertain you.

About Charles Davies

Charles Davies is African British. He has an MA in Media from Thames Valley University in the UK, which is now The University of West London. Charles started his career in journalism over 25 years ago in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. He has edited a newspaper and magazines including Africa Analysis and New Africa Analysis in the UK. He is a strong believer in a fair and independent press in a truly representative democracy. He has funded and continues to campaign for the return of parliamentary democracy in west Africa. He is a member of the British Labour Party. He lives with his partner and two boys in London.


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