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Discovering Mom

Author: Bryan Foreman
Genre: Young Adult - Coming of Age
Publisher: Independently Published
Date Published: June 21, 2023
ISBN-13: 9798399150000


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Book Review of :  Discovering Mom


Discovering Mom by Bryan Foreman is a Gripping Tale of Identity, Bullying, resilience, acceptance, and Redemption." It is a poignant story that explores the life of a young man, Daniel Bennett, who embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Suddenly confronted with his physical differences from his family, he learns the shocking truth that he is not only adopted but also part Comanche.

In this gripping tale, our protagonist faces the harsh realities of bullying within his school. Enduring endless taunting, he stoically accepts the torment until a crucial moment arises. Suddenly, the focus of their animosity shifts towards an alluring biracial girl named Jasmine. She is his friend, and their actions ignite a fierce protective instinct within him. Witnessing the cruelty unleashed upon her pushes him to his limit. In a truly impactful turn of events, both he and his prime tormentor, Todd,  are compelled to confront their behavior and undergo a profound transformation.

Although his struggles with harassment persist in his Oklahoma school, our protagonist finds solace in learning how to better cope with the adversity and finds friends to align himself with. On the home front, his adoptive father, a successful doctor, harbors a secret life of infidelity, causing his mother, a homemaker, to worry incessantly.

He embraces his Comanche heritage and wants to know more about who he is and more about his biological parents. Daniel, with Jasmine's friends' help, discovers his mother's contact information. Daniel is thrilled and shocked that he has learned how to contact his birth mother. He finds she lives in San Francisco, CA, hundreds of miles away. With her contact information, Daniel delves into a quest for self-discovery.

A new neighbor sets off a chain of events that will shake Daniel's world. As his mother forms a remarkably close bond with the newcomer, Daniel begins to question the boundaries of their friendship. And soon, his adoptive parents' marriage teeters on the brink of collapse, leaving Daniel wondering if the turmoil around him is interconnected. 

Daniel faces a crumbling adoptive household and begins to find his birth mother. However, the reality of their encounter proves to be drastically different than what he had imagined. As his adoptive parents desperately search for him, he grapples with the question of where he truly belongs. Will he abandon the caregivers who have showered him with love and support, or will he embrace the opportunity to reconnect with his birth mother, who made the agonizing decision to place him for adoption? This poignant story delves into the tumultuous dynamics between children and the adults who were supposed to be their unwavering pillars of care.

With its emotionally charged narrative and timeless themes, "Discovering Mom" captivates readers and offers a compelling exploration of identity, resilience, and the complexities of family dynamics. This gripping tale is a must-read for anyone seeking a powerful story that lingers in the mind long after the final page.  

Reviewed by: david

About Bryan Foreman


BRYAN FOREMAN, a native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in professional writing and has written three self-published books.

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