J.D. to J.D.: My Journey from Juvenile Delinquent to Doctor of Jurisprudence - Book Review

J.D. to J.D.: My Journey from Juvenile Delinquent to Doctor of Jurisprudence

Author: Brian D Caplan
Genre: Non Fiction - Memoir
Publisher: Braig Publishing International
Date Published: January 3, 2020
ISBN-10: 0578626977
ISBN-13: 9780578626970

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Book Review of :  J.D. to J.D.: My Journey from Juvenile Delinquent to Doctor of Jurisprudence


J.D. to J.D. My Journey from Juvenile Delinquent to Doctor of Jurisprudence, by Brian D. Caplan, Esq., is an unusual, insightful memoir packed with humor and more than a glimpse into the entertainment industry’s legal wranglings. Caplan has represented or legally assisted many high profile entertainers or entertainment moguls. His book ticks off a list of entertainers like Lou Reed, Biz Markie, Greg Allman, Memphis Bleak,  the Cycle Sluts – and many more.

Caplan doesn’t shy away from chronicling his youthful years as a New York streets delinquent of the 1970s. A product of a broken home and an emotionally absent mother;  he gravitated to the streets and became hard-core. In fact, his first arrest was at age twelve.

Brian recounts the escapades of his youth. His adventures are both harrowing and eye-opening to the rigors of inner-city life. He reveals enough oddities, quirks, and interesting experiences to make his memoir a book you don’t want to put down.  He tells his story with humor, he tells of gangs, drug sales, meeting scary loan sharks, and participating in petty theft. Fortunately, he survived the streets almost unscathed, and slowly metamorphosed into a new person.

He wasn’t only street smart; he actually maintained decent grades in school. Brian had a  desire to leave New York and home, so he enrolled in an out-of-state college. Even in college, he struggled with really going straight. Campus life at first was opportunities for more petty crime, gambling, and meeting women. He relates how he felt that his actions of selling marijuana were simply commerce between willing parties.

One delightful gem about his school years is his discussion about his LSAT test preparation.  It is a very humorous story about this complicated individual.

His college experiences are as entertaining and riveting as his earlier escapades and childhood adventures. At graduation time, Brian realized that in spite of his antisocial behavior, he would have to face the adult world.

Brian relates his journey from delinquent to educated, upstanding citizen with honesty and humor. His experiences as a youth enabled him to become an attorney who was able to understand the predicaments that his clients presented. Throughout his adult professional life, he represented big names in the music entertainment profession, especially singers, songwriters, and producers.

Through first-person stories, the reader is introduced to the private lives of well-known celebrities and unknown “want to be” musicians. Told in small personal anecdotes, the stories reflect the author’s insight into the lifestyles of many extremely individualistic persons as well as the brash personalities of some hip-hop and rap singers. He writes with a sense of humor, candor, and edifying titbits of the gangster mentality.

The legal lawsuits that are shared with the reader allow a look into the legal system that most readers are unaware of even with “Law and Order” television shows. The behind-the-scene courtroom procedures, personal involvement in depositions, arraignments, and jail cell visits keep the reader turning pages.

What emerges is a fascinating rendering of an individual who crawls out of the underbelly of society to become a prosperous sought after attorney with an illustrious list of clients. Caplan’s multidimensionality defies stereotypes.

Brian Caplan shares his memoir to empower readers to learn from experiences, be optimistic, and embrace second chances. He leaves the reader with a sense of hope.

Reviewed by: James B.

About Brian D Caplan


Brian D. Caplan has more than 33 years' experience litigating a broad range of entertainment, intellectual property, and commercial matters. His clients have included recording artists and producers, songwriters, publishing companies, record labels, personal managers, business management, accounting firms, professional athletes, small business owners, and dealers in fine art.


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