The Century's Scribe - Book Review

The Century's Scribe

Author: Brendan Walsh
Genre: Fiction - Fantasy
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Date Published: August 27, 2020

Book Review of :  The Century's Scribe


The Century's Scribe by Brendan Walsh is an uplifting fantasy novel that is deeply imagined and profoundly thrilling. Walsh creates a world that he populates with various beings that have vastly different origins that live together in a degree of harmony. However, as the story is narrated, you discover that there is still a feeling in Walsh's universe for its inhabitants to feel more comfortable with their own kind, as Dreden reveals in a statement to his father about his relationship with his two best school friends. "I don't think that they're my people," he exclaims to his father. His two best friends at that moment were Gerrika, a crow-like being, and Chanin Adderfoth, who is human-like but with physically aberrant characteristics. Walsh's novel includes many corollaries relating to social issues our world struggles with – such as race relationships and sexual orientation.

The Century's Scribe is a masterpiece of intricate world-building displaying depth and complexity in this imagined world. It is a brilliant, diverse; thought-provoking masterfully told tale, and an epic fantasy at its finest.  Walsh's book is staggering in scope, but he handles it masterfully. He introduces two worlds that are interconnected by a conduit of matter that the inhabitants call the Sunitian Sea. It is a mysterious mist or gas that has the ability to transport beings from one dimension to another.  It is an unwelcomed and poorly understood phenomenon that Dreden and his community of Kroonsaed are faced with. The Sunitian Sea and the mystery behind it becomes a powerful element in the novel. Questions about magic, gods, destiny, and beliefs are woven into the story.

Walsh stretches the diversity boundaries in his world of inclusion with his dragon named Minkompa, who not only talks and is maybe a literary genius but is also a sensitive being who places his massive body over Cipre, a human to save her from falling rocks.  And we have a Gerrika, who is the crow like being, who has great vocal talents and becomes a singing sensation. And we have Dreden who has discovered a youthful "homoerotic" interest in his feelings for Morell Edland, a very rich author and a guy with a lifestyle that might conflict with Dreden's view on relationships.

Walsh inserts a few Easter-eggs in his novel that will likely be developed later in his series.  His novel is one that that will lend itself to various interpretations. Is it just a nice fantasy, or is there a greater meaning to his tale? Regardless of how you interpret it, The Century's Scribe is a literary delight and an intriguing whirlwind of adventures and a kaleidoscope of colorful characters. 

Reviewed by: David H

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A candid interview with Brendan Walsh about his amazing novel, The Century's Scribe." His book is one that offers multi-layered themes and interpretations. It is deeply imagined and profoundly thrilling.

About Brendan Walsh


Currently living in Glendale CA, Brendan Walsh is a graduate student at Cal State Northridge. When he is not writing, he is either watching movies, reading comics, drinking coffee or thinking about what to write next. He is also a Dodger fan, philosopher, and a recreational madman.

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