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100+ Questions a Writer/Author Should Ask

Author: B Alan Bourgeois
Genre: Non Fiction - General
Publisher: Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc.
Date Published: March 1, 2023
ISBN-10: 1737523930
ISBN-13: 978-1-7375239-3-2


Book Review of :  100+ Questions a Writer/Author Should Ask


B Alan Bourgeois' book, 100+ Questions a Writer/Author Should Ask, is a comprehensive Question and Answer guide that covers almost everything you need to know about the literary and publishing world. Whether considering self-publishing or seeking traditional publishing, the array of choices can be daunting. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. Bourgeois' book makes the process a bit easier to navigate. It answers the common and not-so-common questions you might face. Bourgeois' book is valuable as today's resource that can help you navigate the book world and help you in your writing career.

This book stands out for its comprehensive approach to offering solutions to the many challenges that writers encounter in the constantly evolving landscape of writing and publishing. This informative book, written by Bourgeois - a seasoned publisher, author advocate, and educator - expertly tackles common challenges with clear and accessible answers. It's a must-read for anyone seeking valuable knowledge as an Authorpreneur in a straightforward format. Discover essential insider tips for authors and look inside the publishing industry in this comprehensive book. With a wealth of experience on the table, you'll receive invaluable guidance to help you succeed.

The knowledge that fills this book is invaluable. Not only can it keep you on the right track, but it can also save you money by giving you the knowledge to shield you from the countless fraudsters that prey on aspiring authors. Don't risk becoming a victim. Instead, gain the insights that can protect you and your work.

Bourgeois even answers questions about NFTs.  Applying them to an ebook is challenging for a variety of reasons. But as he writes, NFTs offer some unique and expansive opportunities for authors. Bourgeois explains in his book some of the possibilities – here is an example:
What are the top 5 reasons an author creates NFTs for their book covers, and how will it help them grow their income?
1. Ownership: NFTs allow authors to establish ownership and provenance of their digital assets, such as book cover art.
2. Monetization: NFTs can be sold to collectors, providing a new revenue stream for authors.
3. Limited Edition: NFTs can be used to create limited editions of book covers, increasing their perceived value and rarity.
4. Promotion: NFTs can promote upcoming book releases or generate buzz around an author's work.
5. Fan engagement: NFTs can be used as a way for authors to connect with fans and build a community around their work.
When an NFT is sold, the author receives income from the initial sale. What makes NFT special is that the author can arrange to earn up to 10% of all resales from the same NFT no matter how many times it is resold. Thus, the author can continue to earn 10% off of each resale, no matter what the price of the resale is.

Alan Bourgeois also touches on the fear of (AI) putting authors out of business. He feels that despite artificial intelligence's (AI) capabilities to automate tasks, it cannot fully replace the need for human writers. While AI may produce content similar to human-written text, it lacks the creativity, nuance, and personal touch that distinguishes human writing. Furthermore, writing entails more than merely typing words on a page. It requires research, critical thinking, and effective communication of complex emotions and ideas. These are skills that AI algorithms currently lack and may not fully be developed any time soon.

This book is a must-have for aspiring writers. It covers virtually everything you need to know about being Authorpreneur and even addresses the root cause of many of the challenges you may face. The value of this information alone is worth the cost of the book. Don't miss out on Bourgeois' comprehensive guide.

Reviewed by: david

About B Alan Bourgeois


Alan Bourgeois began his writing career at the age of 12, writing screenplays for the Adam-12 show. Despite not submitting them for review, this experience sparked his passion for writing. However, he followed the advice of his generation and pursued higher education to secure a stable job. It wasn't until 1989, after taking a writing class at a community college, that Bourgeois wrote a short story that was published. Since then, he has written over 48 short stories and published more than 10 books, including the award-winning spiritual thriller "Extinguishing the Light."

Bourgeois has become a champion for authors and founded the Texas Authors Association in 2011 to help Texas authors better market and sell their books. This led to the creation of the Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc., and the first online museum of its kind, the Texas Authors Institute. He also created several short story contests and fundraising programs for Texas students and consolidated small-town book festivals into the Lone Star Festival, promoting Texas authors, musicians, artists, and filmmakers. In 2016, he founded the Authors Marketing Event and added a Certification program in 2017, allowing attendees to gain accreditation for their hard work in learning book marketing. His recent focus has been on assisting authors of all levels to become successful Authorpreneurs through the Authors School of Business, which offers programs to help grow their careers.  He is currently working with NFTs for authors to help them increase their income channels.

Visit http://BourgeoisMedia.com for more information on B Alan Bourgeois


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