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Author, Annette G. Anders, has written another intriguing inspirational romance novel. Time is Eternity. This is the third book in her Full Circle Series.  Anders delves into the personalities and secret desires of Josephine and Luca, two characters who were introduced in her previous novels. Close friends since childhood, Jo and Luca share many traits and a closeness that is unique. While their other four best friends have paired off and married, Jo and Luca share a "best friends" relationship "without benefits."

Anders has courageously examined this unusual, poignant love story. Can two people share their emotions, express frustrations, and reveal plans for the future without losing the freedom of being an individual? With such a deep friendship, Luca had difficulty putting a name to their relationship. He called it a "flirtationship" because limited intimacies were allowed.

Luca's professional future was on target, but it involved a move to another state. He didn't dwell on his personal life, although his best buddies were married and starting families. Jo also had her goals mapped out, although she reluctantly felt left out when her best friends were happily married. She cherished her independence and ability to make good decisions. The other two couples just considered Jo and Luca a couple without the marriage certificate.

When Jo's and Luca's lives become a struggle with day-to-day reality and unforeseen tragedies, they begin to realize how much they have relied on one another. Told in alternating voices, Jo and Luca search for meaning as sexual tension begins to overshadow their friendship. Both want to deny the attraction for various reasons. The special bond between these two friends is explored realistically and with sensitivity.   This verse from Bob Dylan's Lay lady lay should have been playing in the background,  “Why wait any longer for the one you love when he’s standing in front of you?”

New York City, during the early COVID pandemic, becomes the backdrop for a part of the story's narrative. Published in 2021, the novel is a reflection of this historical period without being maudlin. The novel also incorporates an unexpected contemporary crisis that is resolved in a nontypical way with unexpected consequences and repercussions.

In an unusual twist, Jo is a yoga and physical fitness instructor. The author references spiritual guidance and yoga practices that will take the reader behind the scenes of Jo's healing. Is true love a fairy tale? 

Expect Ander's next book in the series, Time Will Tell,  to be equally well-plotted with memorable characters and a lesson on love and life.

Reviewed by: Carole W

About Annette G. Anders


Annette G. Anders is the award-winning author of the FULL CIRCLE series. Her first two books (TURN BACK TIME and IN DUE TIME) have won multiple awards for outstanding fiction in Contemporary Romance and Women's Fiction. In her novels, Annette explores questions about relationships and lifelong dreams, but also about deep-rooted insecurities. The stories are intriguing and believable and quickly pull the reader in. They make the reader laugh and cry - they are real! Her characters have flaws, which makes them relatable. An avid traveler, Annette loves to write about locations she visited and takes the reader there together with her protagonists. When Annette isn't working, she enjoys photography, having lunch with friends, and reading often under the watchful eyes of Ecco, her goofy Boxer.

Visit https://www.annetteganders.com/ for more information on Annette G. Anders

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