Holy Parrot - Book Review

Holy Parrot

Author: Angel A
Genre: Fiction - Mystery - General
Publisher: Angel's Leap
Date Published: December 1, 2022
ISBN-10: 0987622250
ISBN-13: 978-0-9876222-5-9

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Book Review of :  Holy Parrot


Holy Parrot by Angel A is a captivating journey of faith and self-discovery. Set in Buritaca, Colombia, readers follow Maria on her unexpected path through doubt and temptation when Gabriel – an enigmatic parrot that speaks with divine power – tells her she will bear the new Christ.

In this fascinating cross-cultural novel, we meet Leo Lumière, a science student from Australia who ventures to the Caribbean village of Buritaca, expecting an ordinary assignment. However, what awaits him is nothing short of a series of phenomenal events. While Leo is working in a small Colombian village, he finds himself embroiled in the complicated life of Maria and her family. Maria is purportedly a virginal teenager, but she claims to be pregnant with the next great religious leader. Her family goes along with the idea, but other people rumor that a young man named Pablo is actually the father. What results is a fascinating examination of science, faith, belief, and human emotion.

Author Angel A knows how to deliver a superb range of dramatic highs and lows that come from some surprising and eye-opening clashes of opinion and belief. The literary style of the work gives us a critical and highly amusing attitude with which to approach the story. The often hapless Leo slowly watches the family boil over and wonders wholeheartedly what he can do to help. He also begins to have romantic feelings for Maria. This is paired nicely with the family and Maria herself, sticking firmly to their convictions and unable to be swayed. Maria's parrot  promises she will be "the mother of a saviour." Before long, Leo is caught up in mysterious circumstances between revealing a crime and protecting Maria. At the same time, tens of thousands converge on the Magdalena region with only one phrase resonating throughout: 'Loro Santo' - Holy Parrot.

Leo is officially on a mission to discover what contributes to the long and healthy lives of the inhabitants of Maria's village. But, while performing scientific tests and experiments with his lab equipment to unravel the secret behind their unusually long life expectancies, Leo also finds himself immersed in the magical tales about his extraordinary surroundings. No matter how hard he works for this impossible assignment given by a pharmaceutical company. It is clear there will always be more than meets the eye when seeking true enlightenment. Holy Parrot explores human behavior and the powerful dynamics at play when we encounter the mysterious. In its center is Gabriel, the enigmatic parrot whose words spark chaos and inspire intense admiration. This novel is captivating and thought-provoking for those eager to discover something new through skillful storytelling! Holy Parrot is an unpredictable read that celebrates the human spirit over conventional skepticism. We recommend it for readers wanting something distinctively crafted by a gifted author.

Reviewed by: James B

About Angel A

Angel A is an Australian writer and filmmaker who shares insights and experiences of varied cultures through narratives that are compelling, inspiring, and insightful. Mary Poser was Angel's highly awarded first novel. Angel's passion for writing screenplays and novels reveals a richly diverse world of conflict, love, and hope. 2017 Foreword Reviews Indies Book of the Year Award Finalist and 2018 American Fiction Awards Winner. 2018 Best Book Awards Winner 2018 NYC Big Book Award Winner 2018 International Book of the Year Finalist 2018 Paris Book Festival Runner-Up. 2018 Readers' Favorite Finalist 2018 Independent Author Network Book of the Year Finalist 2018 London Book Festival Honorable Mention 2018 BookViral Millennium Book Awards Long List 2018 New Apple Book Awards Official Selection 2018 Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards winner 2019 Independent Press Award winner 2019 New York Book Festival winner

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