If You Leave This Farm The Dream Is Destroyed - Book Review

If You Leave This Farm The Dream Is Destroyed

Author: Amanda Farmer
Genre: Christian - Fiction
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 1480809306
ISBN-13: 9781480809307

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Book Review of :  If You Leave This Farm The Dream Is Destroyed

if-you-leave-this-farm-the-dream-is-destroyed.jpg If You Leave This Farm The Dream Is Destroyed by Amanda Farmer is about a Mennonite family. Specifically the teenage daughter Amanda. The family lives in Pennsylvania on a farm. Like all Mennonite families Amanda's are very hard workers and never really question or wonder about their way of life. Amanda's dad yearns to move west--He would like to buy a farm and start a new Mennonite community. Amanda's family does indeed move to Minnesota. Amanda and her brother are both very excited about the move and the new adventures it is sure to bring to their family. After arriving and settling in Minnesota things do not pan out as planned. The first crop fails and therefore there are losses. Amanda's dad changes--life in this new community and on a new farm do not hold the great adventure the children had envisioned. Their father becomes very controlling and expects complete submission from his children. Farmer has done an excellent job writing the day to day happenings in this Mennonite family's life. Very interesting!!!

About Amanda Farmer

farmer-amanda.jpg Linda Owen has had thousands of articles published.  She is a regular writer on faith, retirement, travel and general interest subjects for a variety of newspapers and magazines-both secular and Christian.  She received a Master of Divinity Degree from Perkins School of Theology (SMU) and served briefly as a pastor and a chaplain.  Linda has written Bible Study Curriculum for the United Methodist Publishing House.  For five years she edited a Christian online magazine in San Antonio, Texas


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