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insanity-by-increments-stories.jpg Insanity by Increments, Stories by Alaric Cabiling is a collection of nine short stories. Cabiling captures the tone and flavor of short story fiction in much the same way as others before him--Poe. The stories are psychologically on the fringe of manic, terror, horror and darkness. Each story is skillfully written and takes on the ever present dark, depressing mood that Cabiling is protraying through the characters. The Illusion of Progess. Saul, Dad and Mom. Mom leaves, Saul dies, Dad alone. Life ceases to mean anything. Return to Desolation. Oliver, Dad and Mom. Abusive dad, divorce, remarriage, desertion. Oliver returns to the house where it all began and ended. Insanity by Increments is the best short story book I have read!

About Alaric Cabiling

cabiling--alaric.jpg Originally from Baltimore, MD, Cabiling is an avid fan of short fiction and has lived in Richmond, Va. for the past 13 years.  A depression patient, Cabiling has sought to shed light on the devastating effects of the condition and the relative lack of understanding that complicates relationships between loved ones and patients suffering from the illness.  His 2009 collection of poetry, The Darkest Day, published by Praenomen Press of Richmond, Va. in limited quantities, chronicles his own experiences with depression and is a bright example of how the arts can provide therapeutic value during the recovery period.  Email him at:  alaric dot cabiling at gmail dot com

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