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sunborn-rising---beneath-the-fall.jpg Sunborn Rising - Beneath the Fall by Aaron Safronoff is about a world of fantasy. Barra lives in a place of light, trees, and ocean water, a place that was once as bright and green as anyplace had ever been. Time had been cruel over the years and the light was no longer in the forest. Those living there had forgotten about light. Barra finds a journal that happens to be her father's. He is dead but maybe the journal will reveal answers about their homeland and her father's death. The journal gives Barra a description of how the land had been - lush, bright and beautiful. It is revealed that Barra's dead father had given warnings about what was happening to take away this beauty but those warnings were not heeded. Barra and her best friends set out to explore each and every aspect of the things her father wrote about. She was determined to try and bring some light back to their world. She won't rest until she has some answers and results. Will these endeavors take her Beneath the Fall? Safronoff does a masterful job of writing this story. It is the best fantasy book I have read. He has a different and unique way with his story and characters that I believe will delight most readers. Publishing April 2016-don't miss the release. You will be rewarded with a very delightful read.
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About Aaron Safronoff

safronoff-aaron.jpg Aaron Safronoff was born and raised in Michigan where he wrote his first novella, Evening Breezes. In his early twenties, he moved to California to attend culinary school. He fell in love with the Bay Area and has never considered leaving, although he did eventually leave the school.

During his ten years in the games industry, he worked at various levels and for several disciplines including quality assurance, production, and design. All the while he was writing a novel, short stories, plays, and poetry. His career in design introduced him to amazingly intelligent, fun, and creative people, many of whom he considers family today.

Safronoff self-published, Spire, in 2011, and won the Science Fiction Discovery Award for the same in the summer of 2012. By the end of that year he decided to drop everything and free fall into fiction. In the following three months he completed work on the sequel to Spire, Fallen Spire, edited Evening Breezes, and published both.

Today, Safronoff is co-founder and Chief Storyteller of Neoglyphic Entertainment and working on his fifth novel and the second book of the Sunborn Rising series.

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