Robert E. Kearns

About the author:

Robert E. Kearns was born in Dublin in 1971. An Irish native, he upped sticks and moved to Houston in 1995 where he stayed for nine years. Robert believes that the experience of living abroad has made a huge contribution to his writing. It matured him as a person and provided him with a unique perspective on life in different parts of the world and so aided his storytelling. He's been back in Dublin since 2004 and started composing his debut novel in 2017. Hy Brasil, Island of Eternity was first released to the world January 2019. It's based in part on the mythical island of Hy Brasil, which is Ireland's answer to Atlantis. It was said to have existed off Ireland's west coast and appeared on the maps of medieval cartographers. Hy Brasil is a work of literature with plenty of mystery and suspense thrown in for good measure. It focuses on the subjects of Irish history versus its modern day equivalent and does so with the tools of Gothic fiction and high adventure. 'I wrote Hy Brasil, Island of Eternity after reading about it in a newspaper article a few years ago', said Robert. 'It hit me straightaway Hy Brasil would make a great subject matter to exercise the imagination. I set about jotting down the plot then began tapping it out on the keyboard.' Hy Brasil has been well received, with a respected reviewer saying: "Author Robert E. Kearns has created an effortless read that was easy to breeze through and escape into, thanks to his highly vivid descriptions, beautiful narrative voice, and dark, mysterious gothic stylings." Robert is a member of The Irish Writers Centre in Dublin's Parnell Square and is also a contributor to the Inkslingers writing group which meets there every Saturday.


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