Renee Perez

About the author:

As a kid, I was always drawing the world around me and writing about it. (Some repetitive doodles of zombies and monsters too!) Story lines always followed me - I could literally write about ANYTHING! I wrote stories about school, my friends and evil milk cartons. I absolutely love to tell a story.

I'm really excited to tell the story of Ezekiel Raroso in my debut book series, Camp Strange. Camp Strange is inspired by my summer camp experiences as a Girl Scout, the not-so-comfortable feelings I had in my own skin as a middle grader and the personalities of my three children. My oldest, the real life Ezekiel is my primary inspiration as I was able to build a world of magic and friendship based on the "quirks" of his autism. Camp Strange is a place where being odd is magical!

When not writing, I love spending time watching my kids in their various sports and I always make time to be "Team Mom". Some of my favorite moments are when we're cuddled up watching the same Ryan's Toy Review YouTube video for the gajillionth time,


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