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Kenneth S. Kappelmann

About the author:

Ken Kappelmann is a graduate of the University of Kansas in Cellular Biology; He went to Oregon State Graduate School in Microbiology, and then spent one year in Switzerland. He is a scientist by trade but started his writing career in the world of fantasy. The Hidden Magic Series won 10 awards collectively. The Return of the Dragons won Fantasy Book of the Year at the Halloween Book Festival in Hollywood, CA. The Dragon Unknown won 2015 Best Sequel, and the last book, released in March of 2017 won Fantasy Book of the Year in Hollywood as well.
With the change of publishers to Black Rose Writing in 2017, Ken entered a new genre taking it by storm with the first book, Never Been Found, winning two book contests right out of the gate. This suspense-driven detective series following the life of long time Chicago homicide detective, Tomas O'Malley, as he grinds through the minutia solving some of the most twisted cases in the city. Romance, murder, and suspense are all intertwined in this thrilling whodunit series.


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