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J.S. Morrison has lived in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East, and visited Asia, Africa, South America, and Antarctica. He authored feature articles in magazines, contributed to an anthology, and optioned two original screenplays before deciding to write a near-future novel about genetic engineering. The author meant it to be a dire warning to humanity, but his sense of satiric irony got in the way. When he is not writing or traveling, he dabbles in astrophysics as a member of a local scientific society.

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Discussing - The Perfection of Fish - A Video Interview

J. S. Morrison talks about his new book THE PERFECTION OF FISH. Morrison gives an overview of his book, a glimpse into his life and what inspired him to write his thought-provoking novel about life in 2042. See more about J.S. Morrison and his books over at <a href="">His Authors Page </a>


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