Dennis Guzik

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As a United States Marine Corps Officer and a corporate VP, Dennis has always found time to help others who seek career and leadership advice. Now, Dennis has founded his own career coaching, leadership development, and mentoring consultancy. His areas of expertise include career planning, career development, resume review, decision-making, job negotiation, handling challenges and difficult situations, and leadership development. You want more from your career! Dennis understands what it's like to want more from your career, to want to achieve success and become the ultimate of who you can be. Dennis has the knowledge, skills, ability, and passion to help! Corporate VP Decision Analyst Marine Corps Veteran Dennis has had great success coaching and consulting, using his personalized approach, for individuals from recent graduates to managers. He has helped those returning to work, those with questions about situations at work, and those looking to change careers. As a decision analyst, with an M.S. in Operations Research, he has been helping people make better decisions for over 20 years. He specializes in complex or high-stakes decisions that involve uncertainty and risk. As a retired Marine Corps officer and former Corporate Vice President, Dennis has guided hundreds of individuals through their development into successful leaders. His experience, knowledge, personalized approach, and honesty have made him a popular leadership consultant.

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