Why We Revolt

Why We Revolt

Author: Victor Montori
Genre: Non Fiction - Health - Medical
Date Published: October 5, 2017
ISBN-10: 0999394819
ISBN-13: 978-0999394816


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About the book:

Why We Revolt by Victor Montori is an account of the issues and problems our nation faces in the healthcare system.  Montori brings to light so many of the flaws, hindrances and absolute atrocities in the healthcare system.  This book not only looks at the patient side of the issues, but also the healthcare workers and providers. Dr. Montori has honed in on the problems and has masterfully come up with the solutions.  His take on and action needed for healthcare system is revolutionary. 

Why We Revolt is a series of essays (stories) that will bring the reader front and center with the plight of the system and where we are headed if this is not addressed and handled.  The changes have to be demanded by all - not just those patients and workers involved in the situation.  We are fast approaching a system so addled with non-care in a system that should be all-care.  The accounts put forth in this book should rattle all of us - and call us to action.  Preferably before it is too late.

Montori has set the stage - and supplied so many of the answers to a growing dire problem--the healthcare industry needs sharp eyes on it and an entire population that will tackle it and bring change and reform.

Don't just read Why We Revolt - take action, get involved and help to bring about much needed change!!

Great job Dr. Montori!!!

About Victor Montori

Visit https://patientrevolution.org/revolt for more information on Victor Montori


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