Why Do I Feel This Way

About the book:

Why Do I Feel This Way by Dina Wilcox is the story of a woman who has lost her husband to HIV and has to fight her way through all the feelings and emotions. Wilcox knows or believes she knows the time table for healing from a loss--or so people have said, "give it a year". At the end of year one, year two she doesn't feel like the books and experts say she should feel. Wilcox began to study the brain and it's link to the emotions and feelings she needed for her healing process. She made several discoveries that everyone could benefit from. Our feelings, emotions and responses do not go away--the have to be "awakened". Many times we have very formed opinions of what our feelings and responses should be --Wilcox relates in her book that when we know what is going on in our brain, we can keep those feelings in control. Remember you never lose old feelings. Why Do I Feel This Way is by no means just for someone going through the process of dealing with a life changing ordeal--it is a book that will help everyone better understand themselves and their relationships.

About Dina Wilcox

After her husband lost his three-year battle with HIV, author Dina Wilcox embarked on a ten-year journey of self-discovery. Her goal was to understand her own feelings in order to harness her inner power and live meaningfully. "Why Do I Feel This Way?" is the result of research and experimentation she conducted in order to learn about her own brain, and to use what she learned about how our feelings exist to help people thrive.


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