Tomorrow's End

Tomorrow's End

Author: G. R. Morris
Genre: Fiction - Fantasy
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-13: 9780615852379


About the book:

Tomorrow's End by G. R. Morris is the story of a Savior - Kevin Knight, a young teenage boy that has been told his entire life that he will be the Savior. Kevin's life has been less than perfect--his stepfather makes sure of that. In Tomorrow's End you will become acquainted with aliens, changelings and a variety of other characters. And then there is The Dragon. Kevin must defeat inner demons, stop the coven, free humanity by stopping the changelings and then face The Dragon. Changelings want to be free to create their own values, but take those values away form humanity. Throughout the story you will read about these groups and their chain of evil and their place in the universe and earth. At times it is difficult for the reader to decipher who is going to help Kevin and who will turn against him. These relationships do create many turns and twists in the book. Kevin's father was a fallen angel - turned human - mated with a human. Kevin's mother has been a constant in Kevin's life and the one that has taken abuse at the hands of his stepfather so that Kevin can fulfill the prophesy. Tomorrow's End also introduces you to a young woman named Daren. Daren's life has been even more hellish than Kevin's. You will spend time with her and see that she also faces battles and hardships. There is very definitely a place for Daren in this quest to become Savior and save the Universe. Tomorrow's End is the first book of G. R. Morris' series. He did a superb job of ending Tomorrow's End and leaving the reader absolutely positive they must read the next in the series. Mr. Morris has a very sci-fi take on his characters and does a masterful job describing them and their surroundings. Get ready for gross and gruesome descriptions of those you are reading about. Enjoyed the read and will read book no. 2!!

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