Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows

Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows

Author: Andrew D. Cratsley
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 1494365537
ISBN-13: 9781494365530


About the book:

Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows by Andrew D. Cratsley is the story of Corinth - an elf. Corinth is sent from his homeland to a troubled area. There he has to contend with Khalid, the Lord of Conquest. Corinth meets and takes up with Aventis and Nadine - and boy oh boy do the adventures begin. You will be very entertained and entranced with each of the characters in Keepers of Runes--in each of their special personality and connection with the others. There is adventure, trouble, intrigue and companionship. Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows is a book of fantasy that is written to both young adults and adult fantasy readers. Cratsley writes a very entertaining tale that is not your "run of the mill" fantasy book. The characters, their ages and gender is a breath of fresh air--deviates from the usual male characters. If you read fantasy - you will love. If you have not read fantasy, read Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows--you are sure to love and be entertained.

About Andrew D. Cratsley

A native of Honeoye, New York, Andrew Cratsley lives in North Carolina. Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows is his debut novel. Cratsley is a lifelong fan of fantasy books, films, and RPG-style gaming. A champion of literacy issues and proud supporter of the World Literacy Foundation, Cratsley will donate a portion of the proceeds from Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows to the World Literacy Foundation?s fight against illiteracy. For more information, please visit: Cratsley is currently at work on book two in the series, Keepers of Runes and the Rise of Khalid


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