Author: David Dordi
Genre: Fiction - Action
Date Published: June 28, 2016
ISBN-10: 3990483188
ISBN-13: 9783990483183


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About the book:

Indifferent masterfully crafted from David Dordi.  After finding out of the mysterious death of their foster father which lead to after witnessing the last dying breaths of their foster father, are left with unknown and mysterious superpowers.  It's a good thing as an evil force is about to change life as it's known.  Can they overcome it?  It's time to find out one laugh at a time, as their adventures are known to have a different outlook on their quest.

Dante and Enzo is destined to save the evil world.  Indifferent is a very interesting story and one that will keep you captivated.  Page after page you will be wrapped in the adventures and life of Dante and Enzo.  "Indifferent", mashes the genre up and blends it into a parody cocktail unlike anything else on the market.  it's unique, intelligent and frankly hilarious.

You gotta read it to see if the two do indeed save others from the evil.

Good read!!

Dordi does an excellent joy of keeping the reader captivated.  He has created a brilliant parody which is a breath of fresh air.

About David Dordi

David Dordi is a new Author wanting to explore by the age of 17, he was able to finish writing his first book. Interested in writing, he wants to persuade his passion for writing


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