Headwinds: The Dead Reckoning of the Heart

About the book:

Headwinds: The Dead Reckoning of the Heart by Thomas A. Reis is the story of Mr. Reis life told through his cross country bike ride. The book encompasses his entire life, but woven into the 50+ day bike ride across the country. The reader gets a very close and personal look at the author's life - good times, bad times and everything in between. Mr. Reis was one of four children - he was born with disabilities that have far reaching effects on his life. His family life is less than perfect-and he does not shy away from the battles he endures with his parents. Struggles that he encounters can very much be understood and sympathized with by others with disabilities. He is very candid about the uphill battle he has experienced in both his personal and professional life. Headwinds: The Dead Reckoning of the Heart is a very personal and heartfelt rendering of the authors life. The reader cannot help but experience many different emotions while reading this book. There will be times that you cannot relate and other times you know exactly where he is coming from. The number one thing taken from Mr. Reis is the admiration of his triumphs in life. From a young boy who has to weather so many trials and heartbreaking experiences due to disabilities to his rise as a very accomplished professor. Take the time to read this book-it won't be at one sitting, but well worth your time. You will reflect as you read the book--not only on what Mr. Reis has lived, but on your own life experiences.

About Thomas Reis

Tom has taught for 23 years at the college level with over 5000 students. He also was a licensed marriage and family therapist for 12 years. He has graduate degres in social work and marriage and family therapy. He won Teacher of the Year at his current college in 2008. In 2012 he won the state of Minnesota Human Rights Award from Education Minnesota.

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