Sandra Haynes

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Dr. Sandra G. Haynes graduated with a Doctorate in Business from Walden University. Sandra served as a U.S. Government Contracting Officer, Government Contracting Supervisor, Active duty Military Manager, and Military Veteran. Having worked in Government Contracting for (30+) years, Haynes has seen and heard the consequences of unethical behaviors. With so many instances in the media of individuals behaving immorally, Haynes addresses ethics in government contracting by highlighting elements of the contracting process and presents views from government contracting subject matter experts regarding requirements needed to mitigate government contracting employees? unethical behaviors. Sandra G. Haynes requested and obtained permission from the Department of Defense, Office of Security Review as well as Defense Logistics Agency?Legal and Public Affairs offices to conduct a research study regarding government contracting managers and employees? understanding of ethical government contracting actions. The areas covered include the basics of government contracting, process and issues, ethics, social objectives of government contracting, authority, and stakeholder role in government contracting.

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